Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Little Tater Tots!

When I was younger (and still to this day...) my nickname was Tater. Now before you go scratchin' your heads and thinking I'm crazy....let me explain! :) Since my name is Katy....that turned into Kater....which then turned into Tater (and I even got called Potato quite often!). So...I guess that officially makes my children "tater tots"...right? :o)

Schooling is finished for the day (although schooling is more than just books....it's learning through life). So the kids played blocks and have been playing outside. Luckily, after a few dreary days of cold, rain and even some *ack* snow....the sun is out and it is in the 50's! Yippee! :)

I have done some cleaning...although there is still more to do. But I thought I would take a break and visit my blog! :)

Yesterday....in the mail...I received an absolutely wonderful gift package from my friend, Mya! We have known each other for years via the net. Never actually met in person...but maybe someday! We used to snail mail faithfully back and forth! It's so fun to have friends from different places! Well....I knew that she was making herself and me matching Mary Engelbreit aprons...but I didn't know what they looked like.....well....when I opened that box....my eyes almost popped out! Look at how beautiful it is:

It's ruffly and just absolutely PERFECT!!!! I can't tell you all how much I love it! She is even a beginner sewer and look at what a fantastic job she did!!! (Madelyn is modeling it at the moment...I have not showered yet today due to cleaning...so I thought Madelyn's cuteness would be much more suited to model than myself....LOL). She also packed a cute country notepad in there and candy and fun Easter items for the kids! Thank you soooo much Mya!!!!! xoxo I am overwhelmed with gratitude!

**Even though some days may not be great and you may come along people who aren't very nice and with the bad economy and many of us wondering what in the world our government is doing....know that there are kind, generous and loving people out there. I have had this displayed to me through online friends (who are still real people!), people around me and also just general people while shopping or being out for the day....who hold the doors open or who smile at me for no reason. For every one not-so-nice person I come across....there are 10 kind people in it's place! :) We should hold on to the nice gestures and reflect them to others. This is the main commandment Jesus has taught us....to love our neighbors! Right? :) I just wanted to share that as I have dealt with some *not so nice* comments lately and the care pkg. from Mya came at just the right time to encourage me. :) So...I want to encourage you all as well!

Happy Tuesday everyone and thanks so much for coming by to visit!!!!! :)


  1. I agree there are so many wonderful people out there in this big old world. I have met more in blog land than anywhere. :)

    It's hard some days to be positive but I keep trying.

    Your tater tots are adorable!


  2. I am sorry that you have had to deal with some not so nice comments. I am glad that you are able to look past them and still that there are many good people around.

    The apron is adorable and so are your tater tots!

  3. Hey Tater! :D That is the cutest nic-name. I named the first teddy bear I ever made Tater and I still have him!
    That was so sweet of your friend. That apron is adorable!
    I agree with everything else you said! But I normally do! We have to choose to celebrate the good and let the other stuff roll off our backs.
    I just can't believe that anyone would leave you "not-so-nice" comments! Why? You are one of the sweetest people I have "met" in cyberland. Chin up! Don't let anyone sour your wonderful outlook on life.
    Sounds to me like the ones who left those comments must be looking through the green eyes of jealousy and eating sour grapes!
    You keep on being your sweet, happy little self!
    Have a great week!

  4. I love the apron!! Lol! And tater tots are very cute names for the kiddos!!Blessings,Toni

  5. Hi here another shoutout from an anonymous reader! I also can't believe why anybody would leave you negative comments.You seem super nice and none of what you have said on this blog is hurtful to others, so it's totally unnecessary to be hurtful towards you.
    I also say keep on being you!!!

  6. Tater tots....how cute!!!!!!!!

    :D I am SO glad you liked it. I made you matching scrunchies for you and Maddy but I forgot to add them to the box. I'll send them soon.

    Sorry to hear about the not so nice people you've encountered recently. I agree there are 10 other people to take the place with niceness.

    Have a great day!!

  7. That's what homeschooling is - a lifestyle of learning!

    I agree with wrcdgc - there are so many wonderful people out there - they touch our lives in little ways, like a simple phone call, e-mail message, card or thoughtful gift. It's up to each of us to pass on the kindnesses that are bestowed upon us.

    Your Tater Tots are adorable!

  8. It is so hard to deal with ugly unthoughtful people, so yes it is so nice to have even a smile or a door held for you. I know so many people who are struggling including myself ,but we all need to stop and think before we open our mouths. Keep the postive going it goes a long way! Thanks for always making me smile. You are a blessing!
    Love the apron and the tater tots!
    P.s. come by my blog and see what I made to go on my etsy. You are always busy making something for yours so I thought I would show some of mine!

  9. I agree, I do think there are more wonderful people than not!

    For a beginner sewer she did a great job! It's so cute and so are your tater tots!


  10. Love the pictures of your "tater tots", Katy!
    And the apron is to die for!!
    No wonder that cheered you up!

  11. What a cute nick-name for you and your kids. Love the apron--how sweet. And you're right, there are a lot of good people out there. I have been blessed abundantly by them. Hope you had a great day. julie

  12. Since I'm home most of the time, I don't often have to encounter those "nasty" folks out there, but Darrell works with a few people that really put his Christian witness to the test. He's had to stand up for what he believes in a few times recently and usually after he does that, they respect him and their attitude changes (a little!) We 're praying for one particular co-worker of his to come to know the Lord.

    Love the apron. Your tots look happy as usual!


  13. Thanks for stopping by today. That is so cute you were called Tater, now you have Tater Tots, LOL. I am looking forward to visiting with you again. And you are right, they still have nice people out there. When people are not nice to me, I try even harder to be nice. MISSY

  14. Love the apron!! I cannot believe someone left you a not so nice comment. My opinion is if you don't like what I have to say, don't read my blog, you know?? You seem to be one of the least confrontational person around, I can't believe someone would say something to you. Crazy!!
    Oh, your Tater Tots are so cute, and I love the girlie tot's denim dress!!


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