Monday, February 2, 2009

A Wonderful Start to My Day!

This morning...after helping Chris off to work...I sat down at the dining room table to eat my breakfast and read my Bible. All of a three kids whisk by me. I figured they were just going up to play for a bit before we started housework and schooling. But as I listened closely to their chatter as they ran by....I realized they were running upstairs to make their beds (without being asked)! I couldn't help but smile.

So then....after I finished my reading and eating (hehe) I came upstairs and peaked into Madelyn's room...and here layed X and Mad...drawing and writing stories together...talking and being sweet. Oh how I love moments like this! Some people have emailed or commented and asked if my children ever fight?....the answer is yes, unfortunately. However, they are still growing and Chris and I are continually working with them and trying to teach them how to handle arguments better and all. Pictures don't include all the crazy sounds of home! I am constantly striving to make a fun yet peaceful home. There is no perfection here....just a normal family learning to lean on God and each other through the hard times and trying to iron out the wrinkles of life! :)

In my free time during the day....I am now working on this (below). It is a cardigan for one of Madelyn's dolls. My dear friend, Marion, sent me the pattern and I am attempting it. I am not sure how it will end up.....but I figured I would make an honest effort at it! I'll be sure to post pictures of my progress....unless, of course, I mess it up and end up ripping it all out....LOL!

I have a confession....I am starting to suffer a smidge from the winter blues. Although I love being home...sometimes being home too much takes its toll on you...especially when you can't go outside much. I am truly looking forward to spring and the smell of the air, the warmth of the sun and all the snow melting away!!! :o) I am looking forward to doing gardening around my home and also in our big veggie garden at my inlaws'! Alas...spring isn't coming anytime soon...our forecast for this week is snow*snow*snow. Anyone else ready for spring? :)


  1. Great work Katy!! I'm so impressed with your knitting!! I love the colours!!!

    Take care

  2. I am SOOOO ready for spring! We here in NW Pa. have had a cold snowy winter haven't we? Just think though, next month the crocus flowers will be popping up!!

  3. What a nice surprise - beds made. I love the color of the yarn you are use. So warm and soft. I'm looking forward to spring too - it's raining and is damp and cold right now! ((Hugs))

  4. You know Katy, I'm still enjoying winter. Of course, my kids are not home and in the house during this weather LOL (bless you homeschooler mom's hearts!!) . . . they are off to school so I can see you'd be ready to let them out to play.

    This is "my" nesting time. I like to clean, create, organize and purge things. Each week I make a list of what I want to accomplish and go to it. So, personally, I'm not tired of this weather yet, but then maybe it's because our youngest and I am leaving in 12 days to visit my parents in Florida!! Wish I could take you too :)

    Hang in there dear, Spring will come!

    Great knitting you have going on there. I remember knitting a sweater for our oldest daughter's American Girl doll - - wwwaaayyy back when. She loved it!



  5. I have been ready for spring. I like a good snow but we aven't gotten one here since 04. I have said give me snow or give me spring.

    Your children are so cute. Those moments are the best and you have the picture to go with it.

    I love the colors in the sweater you are making.


  6. I'm sooo ready for spring myself. Did you hear though that the dang old groundhog saw his shadow this morning? Looks like six more weeks of winter.

  7. Oh yes, I am ready for Spring. We had a tease yesterday with the temp being almost 50! Even with a foot of snow on the ground I could just feel Spring. Okay, maybe wishful thinking!

    Have a great day!

  8. A litle peace during the day between the kids is a wonderful thing! I only ahd one daughter, but there were 8 of us kids in my family growing up. That's a LOT of arguments and fighting. Sometimes we hit, slapped, bit, scratched, kicked, etc. I don't know how my parents could stand us! hehehehe! They tried to teach us better, but we were ornery little things! All in all, they did a great job though. All of us grew up into good, respectable, Christian, law-abiding people! :)

    Have a great week!

  9. Great colors Katy!!I look forward to seeing your progress!!Blessings,Toni

  10. Am I ready for spring?? more then ready.. this morning I asked my husband if he wanted to run away with me to Mexico where there has to be a warm sun shinning.. he thought I was nuts :)
    I love how your daughters bedroom is decorated.. did you paint that yourself? Love it!!

  11. Glad your day got started off right. I love that yarn, can't wait to see the finished product

  12. Sending you warmth from's been nice enough to wear a tshirt in jeans in the afternoon.

  13. I hear ya! I live in NH and am feeling a little 'hut nutty' myself. SO the girls and I and going to do a 'spirment' and plant bird seed to see if it will grow. And, I wanted to find a use for my empty glade candle jars! Little green shoots of something growing helps with my 'blues'.
    God bless

  14. I love your new knitting project! I have that exact same yarn in my tote.

    I understand about the winter blues. We don't even get much snow here, but the cold, cloudy days do get to me after a while.

    Spring will be here soon!


  15. You have such a sweet family,Katy....
    I receive a blessing every time I visit your blog.... :)

    I know what you mean about the "wintertime blahs"...put your favorite upbeat Praise music on and just sing those "blahs" on outta here!
    I find that helps me alot in those kind of times.... :D

    Spring will be here before we know it!!
    Take Care,

  16. Just peruse the seed catalogs, that will help:-)

  17. No snow yet, if at all. Groundhog says we should have an early spring 'round these parts!! I would love a little white stuff, though.
    Don't you just love it when the children play so sweetly?!?! It just warms my heart.

  18. Awwww Katy, the pic of your chicklets is so cute. I love your painting on your walls too. Super cute quilt too.
    I have the winter doldrums too.
    I'm so ready for warm spring days and planting the veggies as well.
    In the meantime.... let's CRANK up that praise and dance away the blues.


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