Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Generous Hearts

People around me lately have been so giving and thoughtful. Above is a small mustard cupboard my mom got for me. I was at her house yesterday and she had one in her living room and she asked if I liked it. I said "Yes! I love it! You always find the best stuff!" and all of a sudden she pulls out a box with a matching one for me!!!! I was shocked! I was so excited! As soon as I got home....I found it a home! My mother is a wonderful example of a giving spirit. She gives constantly to everyone...not only of money and material things...but also of her time and energy!

Then....from Lori at the Notforgottenfarm....my goodness...what a sweet woman! I found her blog the one day and emailed her to tell her how much I love the pictures of her home...and also to tell her that we have a shared love of Mary Engelbreit stuff! She asked for my address and sent me all the stuff in the above picture!!! Wasn't that incredibly kind of her? I was so excited to see a package in the mail! (packages are so much more fun than bills or junk mail...don't you think?) THANK YOU LORI!!!!!

Then below...I won a giveaway at my friend Amy's blog. I had actually one a rooster picture...but she accidentally broke it and got me something different instead...and below is what she picked out! I absolutely LOVE it!

Plus....my friend Marion sent me some knitting patterns...all out of the kindness of her heart (that's where the pattern for the cardigan came from). And Deb, from Homespun Living, sent me a little zippered pouch that she had sewn!!!! Seriously....I have just been showered with love from so many people. I write thank you notes (I am sorry Marion, though, I didn't get one out to you yet...I truly apologize!) but it just doesn't feel like enough...you know? I am so thankful for everything...although truly humbled and feel overly blessed by people. Not just for the "things" they gave...but by the generosity and love they displayed. Loving each other is what Jesus calls us to do. :o)

And just now...no kidding...Jaxson just came to me (out of nowhere) and handed me his beloved blankie and said "here mommy...you can use my blankie so you can be warm." OK....melt my heart! So now....here I sit with Jaxson's treasured blankie over my lap wondering how I can be as giving as everyone has been to me. I try to be a generous person to others...but don't always feel it is enough. This is an area I really want to focus on and really strive to be selfless and giving of myself to everyone that I possibly can! I think I may knit some dishcloths and have a giveaway on my blog soon as well! *And maybe try to make some just to send to people!* The wheels in my head are turning!

And below...a picture of Jaxson (with said blankie) taken yesterday by X....lol

I gotta get moving. Schooling to do today as well as housework and run an errand! I am also going to make beef and homemade noodles for supper tonight...so I need to get those done and out to dry (the noodles...not the beef..LOL). Thank you all for your sweet words and prayers for my shoulder! It is doing MUCH better today! God is good! :) It still hurts a bit but is a lot easier to move! I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

(by the way....our snow is melting!!! YAHHOOOO!)

"An attitude of gratitude...is not dependent upon people or circumstances but rather upon a confident faith in the Lord." ~Dorothy Kelley Patterson


  1. Wow Katy!What thoughtful people you have met!!I think it`s because of your kind and sweet personality.When people meet you they just want to make you feel loved because of the way you show your love to others!
    Have a blessed day!!
    Love and blessings,

  2. Isn't it so special to receive gifts like that! I have to make sure to enter your dishcloth give-away. I just love your dish cloths! Have a lovely day, my friend! ((Hugs))

  3. It is heartwarming to receive unexpected gifts.

    I love homemade noodles! We are having beef & noodles for dinner tonight also. Although there will be no noodles from scatch tonight at my place!

    Other then a patch here and there most of the snow is gone here. We are having wonderful temps in the 50's and 60's! Hope you are getting some of that too. It is making me have Spring Fever even though it is way too early for that. Have a great day!

  4. You don't give yourself enough credit Katy!
    You give your children special time by homeschooling them...you are home for them every day!
    That is a wonderful kind of giving!
    The gifts are wonderful by the way, and they all went to a very deserving person...YOU!

  5. Katy so glad to hear your shoulder is doing better!! And you so deserve all the kindness and gifts my friend you are such a warm, caring and loving person!!! Have a wonderful day and dinner sounds YUMMY!!!LOL Take care!~hugs!Wendy

  6. What a delightful blog!

  7. What a delightful blog!

  8. I love that little cupboard. I like miniature pieces of furniture. You are so lucky to have a Mom that shares your taste in decorating.


  9. How nice!

    So cute of Jaxson too.

    You've been on my mind. And I bought some ME material to make you an apron. I bought some extra material to make myself a matching one hehe Oh and my Mom gave me some notepads one is of a soapbox house so I plan on sending that your way too.

  10. How fun that you and your mom have the same taste in decorating. I would love that!

  11. Blessings are being returned to you because of the way you bless others!


  12. What a blessing to have received the thoughtful gifts! Don't you feel loved? I think it's great! That little boy of yours is precious too!


  13. You have been blessed with loving friends, beautiful children, and a warm and gentle spirit!

  14. There is such beauty in simple giving... especially when it's from the children. They're learning by example ;)

    I'd enjoy seeing your recipe for homemade noodles sometime!

    Feel better soon!

  15. Bloggers are the best! Enjoy all your new treasures, much deserved!


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