Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Second Finished Cardigan!!!

A few posts back...I posted about the hat and booties I knitted for a friend's baby shower that is coming up. Well, I decided to knit a cardigan to add to the set and I finished it up last night!
I am happy with how it turned out.
Remember the first cardigan I knitted? Well my neighbor was over the other night and wanted to buy it!!!! I feel weird asking for money for I told her she could just have it. Well, she took it home with her and said she would come up with a fair price for it! I couldn't believe anyone would want to buy it!!!!! I was thrilled and humbled. It is so nice to receive compliments...but I always get so embarrassed too...ya know?

The kids had fun playing while I knitted and Chris read. (We are completely fasting from TV this week. It doesn't bother me too much...I am not a major TV person...except I do like to check the news so it's been tough not to watch that...but I just check it online when I have time!) We are fasting that so we can spend time in prayer about our economy and the hearts of people and ourselves. Our church is doing it. Most people are giving up meat and sweets and such. We are giving up TV....I think that is a thing that can really be done without. My kids only watch a little PBS in the morning, normally,...and now not even that for this week. I explained to them what we were doing and they seem good with it! :o)

Thanks sooo much for all your kind comments on my blog header!!! :) I really appreciate them! Some have asked how I made it....I downloaded Picasa 3 (for free). And then I used the collage feature! If anyone tries this...I encourage you to do it when the kids are asleep or other priorities are taken care of. I thought I could do it quickly and it actually ended up taking me a chunk of my morning the other day...and that bothered me. I do not like being on the computer too long and if I would have known it would take me that long...I would have waited to make it.
Anyway....if you do make one...let me know! I would love to come see it!!! :o)
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!


  1. Your knitting is so cute! I love your new header too.

    Enjoy your Day,

  2. Katy, what a thoughtful and loving gift for your friend's first baby. You did a WONDERFUL job. I like that I can see the details with the yarn you used. Very nice. Have a good day.


  3. Katy,

    The cardigan looks great and it's such a wonderful baby gift. I lover the pictures of your children. :) They always looks so happy.


  4. Amazing job, Katy. That is really a beautiful cardigan pattern. You can whip those up so fast!


  5. This is the first I've seen your header. I love it! And the cardigan is lovely. I like the idea of fasting from TV. People who have done that are really surprised at how much a chunk of their time is spent with it! Have a lovely day! ((Hugs))

  6. Katy your knitting is so great! I really wish I could learn to do that.
    I think that is pretty wonderful your family and church are fasting and praying for our economy.
    It seems to be growing worse. We thought we were immune and found out we're not.
    Anyway, thank you for the lovely post.

  7. Great job.. you're getting faster and faster with your knitting.

  8. Nice job on the baby sweater Katy. Your friend will be pleased!



  9. Katy...Oh how talented you are...I so want to learn how to knit. I love to sew and quilt but knitting is something I have always thought would be so neat to learn. Just beautiful!

  10. Love the cardigan, your friend will be so thrilled! I think we all could do a little or alot of fasting from the tv. Please keep my family in prayers as we are now down to 1 truck and have not been able to go to church in sometime due to hubbys work. I am also trying to find a new church home close by and good for us and the kids.Hope you have a great end of the week. Blessings,Karen

  11. i really like your header! and definitely the cardigan!! how sweet! you're getting good! hmmm... now... lets see... when i have kids i think i'd like a brown cardigan... hehe.. and matching hat/booties! ;)

  12. Hey Katy!
    Wow!! You are doing so well with your knitting!!That cardigan is beautiful!!How wonderful that your neighbor wnted to buy the other one!!
    Also I love your new header as well!!I was going to leave a comment yesterday,but my hubby needed the computer so I didn`t have time.
    Hope you have a blessed evening with your family!!
    Love and blessings,

  13. That new cardigan is so pretty!! I love the color!! I was going to do the Daniel Fast for the entire season of Lent, but I am now rethinking that decision!!

  14. I LOVE YOUR NEW BANNER AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE!! I haven't visited your site in a while so I am not sure how "new" it is, but it looks adorable! The cardigans are so adorable!! You have developed some awesome knitting skills.

  15. The cardigan is adorable! One of these days you should open an Etsy store and see if you can make some pin money with them!

    I have a nasty habit of having the TV on as background noise when I am sewing. I could just as well have a book on tape playing and I'd certainly get a lot more out of it!

  16. The blog header is wonderful!!

    Your cardigans turned out beautifully. I am in awe of how quickly your knitting has progressed!

    My husband and I fasted from tv during lent 3 years ago. After that, we permanently reduced the number of hours and shows that we watch. We record 2-3 shows and watch them for "date night". Works all the way around!


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