Friday, February 13, 2009


I am so happy to say...that although it is still early has begun well! Yesterday was one of those "nothing goes right" days and it was really the weather was windy and rainy and cold.

Today it is snowing again...I am not fond of it after being so happy that most of it had melted...however there is a brightness to the white flakes that does help the mood! :)

So far the kids have been more cooperative than usual and it is really nice. Not perfect, mind you, but I don't expect perfection from them....just obedience and today it has been going well (except for a few minor fights between the older two this morning).

While I worked on some dishes.....

Jaxson did some of his own cooking....

and also did some vacuuming...hehe....

Madelyn helped fold laundry (without being asked to)....

And X helped with some vacuuming too!

I am so pleased with the "help" I have gotten so far today and hope the day continues on this cheerful note!

This pic below cracked me up....doesn't he look like a bug? hehehehe.....

There is more to do and I find the more time spent on the computer...the worse of a day I off I go! And remember......if you want to enter my giveaway....there's only a couple hours will be over at NOON EST. The link is under my header of my blog! :) I hope you all have a lovely Friday and weekend...and please remember the friends and family of the plane crash tragedy that happened last your prayers!


  1. Oh you are so lucky to have so much wonderful help!

    I have my finger crossed I could use some new dish rags.


  2. Hi Katy..Hope you have a lovely Valentines weekend.

    I heard about the plane crash this terrible. :(

  3. Katy,
    Your kids are so cute!!I love when my kids get along and cooperate!It`s such a blessing!!
    Take care!!
    Love and blessings,Toni

  4. What little sweethearts, Katy! Lovin' the camo by the way. ;o) Grace has passed her camo sleeper (with lace on the bum, LOL) onto Libby. :o) Hope you're feeling better, rest up mama!


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