Saturday, May 5, 2012

Raised Garden Beds

This morning, Chris went to an Amish man who has a lumber mill. He got the wood boards to make my raised garden beds for some of our vegetables this year (such as onions, lettuce, carrots, peas etc.).

Chris did such a fantastic job! I helped (but only a smidge when he needed me. He definitely did most of the work). He made two of them: 20 ft. long, 4 ft wide, 8 in. deep (he originally wanted them 10 in. deep but the man he got them from only had 8 in. boards).

All finished! Now just to get the top soil that we will fill them with!

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. Katy, how are you doing your raised beds? Are you putting down newspaper or landscape cloth first? I did a flower bed last year and put down a thick layer of newsprint. Then the dirt. It blocks the sun from getting to the grass so it doesn't grow through.

    1. Hello! :)
      I am not sure how we are going to do them yet...I have many gardening/homesteading books so I will read in those to find the best way! I may use black the newspaper would compost down quickly. I am not sure yet, though! :)

  2. looks good...
    have a peacefull Sunday.

  3. Oh Katy! I am so excited for you! You will love a little garden produce near the house. Will you still have your big garden where you used to? It is getting time to start planting. Have a wonderful day tomorrow.


  4. great job Chris!

    We have strawberries in raised beds.

    Make sure you use something thick to cover up that grass. Cardboard works best. Most grocery stores will freely give you what you need. And it takes a while for it to break down.

    {ask me how I know this;)

    the first raised beds we make years ago we used black plastic and the soil stayed too damp and moist. Cardboard has proven to work well for us.

    goodluck and happy planting:)!

  5. Hi Katy!
    We got our raised beds built this weekend too. The sod underneath will be dug up and used in a couple bare spots in the yard. We're using aggregate on the bottoms (for drainage). Seedlings are growing in the garden windows of our kitchen; can't wait to get things planted and work our garden(s). (: I froze much of what I grew and purchased from local farmers last year, but would like to develop more confidence in canning. I plan on having a lot of practice this Fall. (: Thanks for sharing your pictures. What a great trip to Ohio too! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  6. nice post thanks for sharing...looking for to visit more...blessings..

  7. Raised beds are the only way to go!! Miss you on FB, did you delete your page of just me? :(

  8. Great job, Chris! They look fantastic. Happy gardening!

  9. Have not regretted building raised beds. So much easier to weed and far better yields. We eventually replaced the timber surrounds with corrugated iron as the wood did begin to start to rot out after several wet summers but they lasted a good few years and cost us nothing. We have recently upgraded our soil too - to premium compost as the previous mix we used compacted down too quickly. What a difference it has made and the seeds and seedlings we planted into just took off. I look forward to seeing pictures of your harvests. You will really enjoy gardening once they those beds are established!

  10. How exciting!! Spring is always an exciting time of year when everything is waking and renewing from a long winters nap!:0) I love my raised beds, Steve just rototilled them this past weekend and we for the first time got to use our very own made compost in them!! We put down plastic to help with the grass growing up thru ours, its worked great! I miss seeing your thought provoking posts on FB and your beautiful smile!! Have a wonderfully Blessed week!!

  11. Kathy you are doing raised beds to. I have been working on a large scale garden using the raised bed method. I am no expert but I have done some post this month about building it. It is going slow but I am on my way. My peas are up six inches & doing so well. So your girl can fly the coop. She is a strong winged girl. Cute goat family you have. Oh & the littles as well. Maybe I can gain some tips from your raised bed gardens. I hope soon. Blessings!

  12. Very nice. Looks like a great project to let the kids learn about building. Good luck with your garden this year. Thank you for sharing.


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