Saturday, February 25, 2012

Days of Grace

"Our God will supply us with those choice graces and consolations which shall
strengthen us to glorify his name even in the fires. He will either make the burden
lighter, or the back stronger; he will diminish the need, or increase the supply."
~Charles H. Spurgeon

We made our trip to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh, again, this past Thursday. While waiting to be called in for our appointment we sat in the same place in the waiting area that we did last week. Jaxson watched a bit of a movie on the television and I sat and read Keep a Quiet Heart by Elisabeth Elliot, a gift from a kind friend (who could use some prayers, after a terrifying tumble).

Right on time, we were called to Jaxson's appointment. I am pleased to be able to say, that through God's goodness, Jax's eye is healing well. So far, no cataracts are forming, no infections are there either. We have been able to cut down a bit on his drops **and** don't have to make another trip back there for 2 weeks! We are so thankful for a break in the travels.

Our trip down and back went well...and we made it home safely. It's always an exhausting trip...but one we are happy to make to ensure that Jaxson's eye is healing well. :)

Friday, my sister asked for my help for the my mom kept my children and helped them with their schoolwork. I took a drive over to my sister's house...looking forward to seeing her and Eloise as it had been a whole *month* since I had seen them last.
Eloise was as sweet as ever....playing, "talking", running, giggling...

She was wearing the slippers I crocheted for her (although, these slippers make her slip on their linoleum kitchen often, she wears other slippers she has that have some tread on the bottom!)...

She is truly so, so sweet! I am so thankful for her!

***You will definitely want to check out the giveaway my sister is having HERE. It's a super easy entry (just a comment). She is giving away these fantastic slipper/shoes that she made! 

When I stopped to pick up my children from the garage (after leaving my sister's house), where my mom had them, she had gotten this super-fun old, mail-truck!

Madelyn wanted to give it a try...but she was just too tall. X was too big as well...Jaxson *just* fits...

It will be something that Eloise will be able to *drive* when she gets a little bigger and comes for a visit!

We got a lot of snow, here, overnight. Madelyn and Xavier went out to shovel the driveway this morning (of their own choice...I think if they would have been asked to do it, it wouldn't have been as much *fun*). It is blustery out there....and I have every intention of staying *in*doors as much as possible today. I plan on cleaning my home...and enjoy the day with my family. I hope you have an enjoyable day, as well! Thank you for stopping by for a visit with me! :)

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. I just put that book on hold at the library as well! Can't wait to pick it up - have a great day, Katy!

  2. So glad to hear that Jaxon's eye is healing well.
    Enjoy your snowy weekend.

  3. I am glad to hear that Jaxson's eye is doing well. Also glad that you have a break from your travels. Those days are exhausting.

    Enjoy your day at home!

  4. Praise the Lord, I'm very thankful he is healing well.
    Your neice is beautiful!

  5. We are so happy to hear Jaxon is healing and there are no complications. The children are always helping out, and this was a chore I know you didn't mind them doing. El is really growing. Hope you all have a pleasant day! Hugs

  6. Katy,

    I am so glad his eye is healing. That is such good news! Thank you for the kind words and the mention of my blog. You're very sweet. I am so glad you like the book. Did you see the quote at the very beginning? It is one of my favorites. It really is true...the little interruptions are the most important part of the day.


  7. Glad to hear Jaxson's eye is doing so well. If you put a few dots of puffy paint on the bottom of Eloise's slippers, she won't slip on the floor when she walks. :-)

  8. I'm so glad to hear that Jaxson is doing better. Praying for his continued healing. I also hope that Madeline's head is doing better. Thanks for sharing your sister's blog giveaway. Since we just announced that we will be welcoming our 5th blessing in August, I would love to win a pair. They are adorable! Have a great week.


    1. Congratulations on your 5th child! That is wonderful! It is something I definitely would love to be able to say! :)


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