Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Nothing beneath the skies...

...and nothing above the skies can make any man happy apart from God, search as you will. Apart from God you may make a hell, but you cannot make a heaven, do what you please." 
~Charles H. Spurgeon

Today, the children and I have kept busy with schooling, lunch and chores. It is one of those more simple *normal* sort-of days....nothing demanding our attention or *needing* to be done. We are grateful for it...for yesterday we had to go to the grocery store, the post office, had lunch with my parents and Chris at the garage (which was nice) and did a few other errands...and tomorrow, Jaxson and I make another trip to Pittsburgh for his eye. So today...squeezed between two busy much enjoyed! 

We never did watch Miss Potter, the other day, I mentioned HERE. Unfortunately, I awoke Monday morning with a terrible that no medicine would help. It was spent in as much quiet as possible...along with an afternoon nap, which seemed to help, thankfully. So we still have that movie to some point! I am so thankful that Netflix has no time restrictions! :)

So, on *normal* days...our *normal-ness* (although, what is normal anyway?) resumes ~ schoolwork, housework, reading, baking, napping (when possible), game playing and wood-stove tending! A bit of our simple-ness between crazy-ness...

Below...Chris's coffee staying warm...and Mmmm....pecans. Those are off of my aunt's mother's tree down in North Carolina! She has her very own pecan tree! She had some vacuumed sealed and, knowing how much I love pecans, gave me some! I think I need a pecan tree...although I don't know how it would fare up here in Pennsylvania!

What do you do with leftover food scraps while cooking (or after a meal?). Most leftover cooked things, at our house, go to our chickens (they love scraps!). That's what is in the container below on the right. On the left is our compost container that we fill up and then take out and dump in the pod people. It gets filled with egg shells, raw foods and coffee grounds! I can't wait until that all turns into wonderful nutrient-filled dirt to put on my raised garden beds (that haven't been built....yet.)! :)

Madelyn and Xavier playing bingo...

We got some fresh, beautiful layers of snow the other day (although, today, it's all melted)...

Reading together with the children is so enjoyable in the afternoons or evenings!

My littlest sweetie is doing well. Still getting some drops and ointment...wearing his safety glasses every day and his eye patch at night. So far, his eye seems to be healing well...we will be finding out more at his appointment tomorrow.

Madelyn is doing just fine after having to get staples this past Sunday afternoon. She is afraid of the pain of having them removed (which happens next Tuesday) but we try to keep her mind off of that. Other than being careful when she washes her hair...and being careful not to lay on them while sleeping at night, she has been our same old gal. We are so thankful!

Again, if you haven't yet...will you take one second and vote for the name FLECK HERE? You can find out more why I ask you this if you go to THIS post of mine! Thank you, so so much! :) I hope you are enjoying your week...all to God's glory!

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. Normal routine days are so nice. I pray all goes well with your little man's eye appointment. God bless.

  2. I love simple stay at home normal routine days!

    Glad to see everyone is doing well and nothing "exciting" going on over there! :)

    Those pecans sure look good right about now!

    Joy said to tell Madelyn she's sorry she had to have staples and she hopes she's feeling better and that she's looking forward to a letter from her!

    Have a great evening!

  3. "What is normal anyway?" Ah man... I hear ya Katy; sometimes you just gotta wonder... (: I can't wait to see pictures of your raised garden beds when they're built. That project is also on our agenda, but I'm excited and anxious to get it done.

    Have a safe trip tomorrow and continued healing for you and your loves! God bless!


  4. I enjoy the simple, stay at home days. Sounds like things are much calmer at your place. :)

    Enjoy your pecans. I love to snack on a handful from the freezer.

    Hope you receive great new at the doctor tomorrow. Have a saft trip!

  5. so nice to see your all doing better:)

    I use an old coffee container for our compost and just today I was turning it outside with the pitch fork and noticed that after a couple of years I have a large pile of great looking dirt. It sure did take a while, but it was worth the wait. I'm collecting egg cartons now to fill the dirt with to sprout some seeds.
    such an exciting time of year.

  6. Your bread looks wonderful...I loved watching Miss Potter...I think you all will enjoy it too....blessings

  7. So glad to hear that everyone is on the mend and doing fine. I will say a prayer for Maddy getting her staples out and for your upcoming travels.

    Nicki in WV

  8. Looks like a nice relaxing day at home. I'm glad your kiddos are doing better. Sending traveling mercies your way.



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