Friday, February 17, 2012

Sunshine & Smiles

Our trip to Pittsburgh today was a good one! The drive down was lovely...the sun was shining and I praised (and thanked) God for it all....because truth-be-told, I was truly dreading the drive. It really wasn't bad at all though. :) First we dropped Madelyn and Xavier off at Chris's sister's house. She was more than happy to keep them for me while Jax and I took our journey. The whole way down, Jaxson and I sang and I found myself smiling, a lot. The sun really boosts a person's mood! I had no problem with the bit of city-driving I needed to do and before we knew it, we arrived at Children's Hospital, parked and headed up the elevator.

We had gotten there a little early so we had to wait a bit before we could go in for his appointment. They had "The Great Mouse Detective" playing in the waiting area so Jaxson watched it while I crocheted.

In the seat, all ready to go....

I know people probably don't want to continually see photos of my baby's eye (right, Devon? ;) but I make each year of my blogging into a blog book and I like writing about and posting photos of things as much as possible. It's basically my way of journaling. I have two photos because neither one is perfectly clear...but you can see different aspects of the eye in each photo...

His check-up went well. No infection or cataract is forming...there is also no leaking of the eye through the stitched up spot. We get to decrease his drops a bit. And because his skin on his face is getting a bit irritated from taking the tape on and off so much to put the drops in, the dr. suggested that we get him some protective glasses that is what we are going to do! Jaxson is really excited about it!

When we got home from the trip, we had cards for Jaxson in the mail...full of love and prayers...and also a sweet package from Kelly, a lovely friend of mine. She included gifts for the children and me! I was the recipient of this gorgeous dish cloth...

The children got these super-cute bookmarks and little valentine treats...

And Jaxson received this fantastic pillowcase! He loves it and it is *on* his pillow and he is laying on it as we speak, or ahem, type! ;)

Whilst typing out this blog post, a lady came to the door. She had a blanket she made for Jaxson (which he is currently wrapped up in) and a card with money toward gas costs for Chris and I. Their church did this for us...and honestly, we didn't really even know them. How incredibly thoughtful for them to do this for us. This lady and I talked and talked....such a sweet woman she was. I am beyond blessed....there are *so* many things I would love to explain and go on about....all the ways God is providing for us and answering prayers...but I am still pretty exhausted from our outing today. Hopefully, one day soon, I can share all the things God has done for us...because of His greatness.

I stay busy writing thank-you notes...but I feel I can't even truly put into words how grateful we are for the kindness of others....the cards, gifts, prayers, love and support we have gotten during this tough time have bowled us over. I only pray that we can repay the goodness and generosity that we have been shown to others who need it in the future.

Quickly, before I go, I have some photos of goings-on around our home the past couple days, as the past few posts have been only focused on our Jax-boy. :)


Our hens have been laying beautifully for us all winter, keeping us with a constant supply of eggs! It's wonderful!

I made a pork roast the other night for supper. It was delicious. I made a glaze (no measuring) by mixing up yellow mustard, worcestershire sauce, brown sugar and cut up macintosh apples. It was simple but so tasty! I usually get too nervous to experiment with things...but I am so glad I did this time! My family enjoyed it as well!

Madelyn was making balloon animals! I was pretty impressed! Here's a dog...

And a crown!

Well, it's been a long day and I am tuckered. Thank you for visiting me here...and for all you each have done for our have blessed us, immensely!

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. Katy,

    How far away are you from Pittsburg?


  2. Katy I am so happy to hear Jaxson's eye is healing so well!! PTL!!! God is sooooo GOOD!! And I am so excited to hear all God has done for you and your family during this time!!! God Bless you and your family my friend!!:0)

  3. Madelyn did a wonderful job with her balloons. I am glad that Jaxson is doing well. I love to see God in action. So happy that you are feeling His love and blessings through all of this!

  4. Thank you, Jesus for providing for your needs...emotionally, financially, physically! We serve an AWESOME GOD!! Take Care and God Bless! Donna

  5. So thankful all is going well, rest when you can! Peace and blessings!

  6. my gracious. this is all very good news!
    praises for sure!!!

    rest and peace to you all.

  7. I've just caught up with all that you've been through this past week. I'm glad your son is doing better. I hope you can get some rest. I'll be praying for Jaxson :)

  8. have a good week end for you

    bisous xxx de France

  9. I am so happy Jaxson is doing well. I have been praying for him and your whole family.
    The Lord is right with him and all of you.
    We are very strong in our faith and we believe that the Lord will heal Jaxson's eye.

    I am also going to have my blog posts published into a book.
    My husband knows what to do, I love that idea and I also scrapbook, family holiday's church events, the plays our sons were in, vacations, graduation, prom, I also scrapped book their ultra sound pictures and their baby teeth.

    Our oldest son is in his second year of college and our youngest son is in the 11th grade.

    Keep praying and I pray for your family to have the strength to drive the long drive that you have to make.

    God Bless Jaxson and your whole family.
    In Christ,

  10. so happy his eye is healing well..Praise God...
    have a lovely weekend sweet girl..

  11. So glad to hear you got a good report. I agree, sunshine does wonders for your spirit. What a cute bookmark and pillow case. You are blessed to have so many people who care about your family. Sending prayers your way.



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