Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Journey Continues...

Today we will be heading back down to Pittsburgh so the eye surgeon can check over Jaxson's eye again. We are hoping (and praying) for a good report.

Our church family sent over balloons for Jaxson which gave him such joy!

He keeps his eyes shut a lot...but slowly but surely, is opening them more and more...

Every two hours, we have to lift up his protective guard and put in drops...plus another set of drops 4 times per day. There is ointment he gets twice a day and he also takes an oral antibiotic. We are so thankful for the knowledge and wisdom the doctors have to take such good care of his eye.

Financial services from the hospital called me yesterday. I am not sure exactly how much this is all going to cost...but she said she will help me as much as she can...so that is comforting. We don't have any debt besides our mortgage....so we'll just pay as we can till it's paid off. *So, I suppose, we do have a bit of debt now, don't we? ((deep sigh)).* 

Already, we have been blessed my others with gifts to help us with the cost. Just last evening, a friend from church stopped by to bring treats for the children and a gas-gift card for Chris and I, to help with the expense of trips to Pittsburgh. To say it brought me to tears is quite an understatement. God is caring for us through the love and generosity of others...we are forever grateful (and quite humbled too)! I must admit, it is *not* easy accepting money and gifts from others. I have even been emailed by a few who want to help...I can't even begin to tell you how loved we feel! *Thank-You*! 

I need to go and get ready to head to Pittsburgh. Below are just a few photos I had taken before the weekend zaney-ness started! So I will share them...and then off I go for the day! 

Once again, thank-you, dear friends, for your love, prayers and support through this trial. Words can not describe how truly grateful we are. Thank-You! 

With a full and thankful heart,


  1. Good Luck today! We love you guys!

  2. Praying that all goes well...


  3. Sweet little Jaxson! Praying that all will be well.

  4. Poor little guy! I hope he heals quickly! Be safe on your trip.

  5. I have been praying. I believe there will be complete restoration to Jaxson's eye! Praise God!

  6. You know we love you all! Please be safe on your drive to hospital. Blessings to you all Dear Katy! Luv

  7. Oh my Katy, I just caught up on this! I'm so glad the surgery went well and Jaxson's eye is on its way to healing! I will pray that it heals completely and quickly!

    PTL that this wasn't worse! I have a friend whose boys were doing the same with those bow and arrows with the rubber on the end (wouldn't think that would be that bad), and he lost his vision and later that eye but was later able to receive another eye years later. But it was quite an ordeal and who would have thought from those kind of bow and arrows!

    Anyway, PTL for God's grace here with Jaxson!

    And what wonderful friends you have. God is so good to take care of us, but it is so exciting when we get to see him work through people! :)


  8. Good luck Katy! I will be praying.

  9. Praying for a very good report from the doctor...I love all your pictures ..the Amish related things most especially :)
    Happy Valentines day to you all.

  10. Jaxson is such a tough young man, and his smile is just precious!
    Try not to worry about the financial end of this. When my husband was in ICU from a stroke and brain aneurysm, the counselor came up and told me the same thing. Don't worry. There's a lot of help out there and you know God will take care of it. Although I didn't want it for the family, we ended up getting medicaid and the hospital was paid. We got a lot of help from neighbors, including the bowling alley where we bowled and they raised money for us as well.
    I know how strong the power of prayer is...my husband is walking proof because he shouldn't be here. Obviously God knew better!
    Draw on God's strength and remember, He is our Father and loves us dearly!

  11. That is just so beautiful that so many care about you guys and are willing to help! what a blessing and comfort! Hope he gets better real fast!!

  12. Been thinking of you all day long and praying all went well for you guys. Such a blessing to have people that love and care about you guys. The Lord does provide in times of trouble or sickness doesn't he. Bless all of you and sending big Hugs to you guys.

  13. Praying for Jaxson. God bless.

  14. God is good isn't He? Sending His love through others is just one of the many blessings He sends our way. Many prayers for your sweet one and family...

    Many Valentine Blessings,

  15. Praying he will heal with no lasting effects. So good God is to ease the money strain.

  16. My son has to have surgery too...but he only has to have some biopsies done ....he has a rare skin condition..they don't even know what to tell me at this point. I feel your pain, and anxiousness! It is hard knowing that your child is scared and not knowing exactly what to tell them...or what the outcome will be! May God bless your son..and your family.

  17. we are keeping up with you.

    the children are reading your posts along with me and covering your family in prayer.

    Levi plays with a pencil as an arrow like jaxson did he has humbly learned a lesson by coming here to visit you.

    so thank you for sharing his story so very much. I know it's not easy the times you are going through now, but it has certainly touched our family.


  18. I hope everything went well at the Dr. I have been praying for your family and will continue to do so. Have a great day.



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