Friday, February 3, 2012

Goats & Things

Earlier this week, we enjoyed a mild-short-sleeves-sorta-day! The children were having fun playing outside...and we also let the babies, Pearl (white) and Polly (brown) out to play! They are the sweetest girls...very attached to us. They decided to come up on the front porch (eyeing up my broom...they actually *did* try to snack on it!)...

As you can see in the photo above, my Ruthie (aka: Ruthers, Ruth, Root, Root-ie, Ruth-Ruth) is not impressed with them. ;)

Madelyn, convinced spring had arrived (even though I continually told her it was only the beginning of February and still *winter*) decided to start doing a bit of a clean-up on the porch (apron tied on, walking around in slippers ;)...

She was not happy with my many crocks and things all over with dead plants in them. She felt they were much-too-ugly to be on the porch. I assured her that when spring really *did* arrive, we would once again fill them with the beautiful flowers we love!

Ruthie, my sweet, loyal shadow...

And then there's my Jack-the-Cat (aka: Jack-Jack, Jackie). He was a gift to me when I turned 17...a poor little barn cat that had a warble in his throat that seemed the last cat anyone would love. He is my boy though...also my shadow when I am outside. He used to be an indoors-only cat...most of his life. He began, as he aged, to get sick a lot...I was devastated...thinking we would have to have him put down. With little ones running through the house, finding Jack-throw-up (sorry if you are eating right now) in various places just wasn't a good thing. Plus, he got so skinny and just seemed miserable. Chris and I decided that before putting him down (as the thought made me weep immediately), we would see how well he did living outside. What a perfect he has flourished! He has fattened up and seems to enjoy laying out in the sun. He catches mice and chipmunks and leaves them by the door for us to find, obviously proud of his accomplishments (considering he has no front claws...I am quite proud of him too!).

I think my animal-loves are enjoying this mild weather as much as I am. :) How's your weather?

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. We have spring fever here too. It was 68 here yesterday. The goats are cute. I'm glad your kitty adjusted to living outside. There is nothing like a loyal dog. Have a great weekend.


  2. Weather here has been nice also, upper 30's Which is warm for Feb. Lots of snowmoblie people are missing the snow but its ok with me!! Love the animal pic's all adorable. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. It's been between mid 50's and 60's here in Louisville. Evidently the ground hog proclaims we have six more weeks of "winter" yet. Uuuhh... I'll take it! (:

    Have a nice weekend Katy!


  4. Oh I think your animals are beautiful especially Jack.I suppose they have to have the sun and be able to find grass to eat and all those other good things once-in-a-while, but he seems to be thriving now! Maddie is sooo smart! Hope you and family have a wonderful weekend...thanks for sharing! Luv

  5. M is not the only one with spring fever! All week the sun has been shining and the temps have been the upper 50's. I have been sitting outside reading while the children play. I desire to uncover the flower beds and such, but I must wait... as paitently as possible.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Pearl and Polly are too cute!

  7. I love the look on your dog, its almost human. ha. Your goats are cute, it reminded me of when I had goats as a child. A white one name Vanilla and a brown one named Coco. I'm glad your enjoying your weather!


  8. I didn't know you have goats, a cat and a dog! I have cats, and I hope I one day will have both a dog and some goats :) I love goats, they are lovely!

  9. I love your goats. They are so cute. My Julie would love to have a goat. Our weather has been very nice. Low 50's with sunshine. We love it. Enjoy your day and God bless.


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