Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"The best thing one can do when it's raining... to let it rain."
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I guess that quote is true...for what else can we do? We can't stop it, can we? Today is grocery day...but with that constant stream of water falling from the sky...we'll wait! It may be a great day to stay indoors. There is always plenty to keep us busy. If the rain slows, later, we'll head out to the market. I have already, though, been out in the rain...tending to the wood stove. It's quite wet and muddy out there! ;)

I have pictures to show of our comings and goings of the past few days. 

Madelyn and Jaxson playing Brain Quest...

Xavier, waiting for daddy to get home, one day...

Jaxson, silly guy that he is, was moving all over the place seeing if he could avoid my camera (I caught him though!!)...

Outside, this Monday evening, it was beautiful...

When Chris got home form work, we spent time splitting and stacking wood...

Christopher....oh how I love watching him work....

I ran the lever for the splitter. It's hard to tell (as I was trying to take an action photo while running the lever at the same time) but this is a log splitting in half (the piece to the right is falling to the ground)...

 Madelyn, helping to stack...

Homemade bread, pasta, and our homemade sauce for supper one evening...

Yesterday the big Squeeze, in all her baby-cuteness, came to town!

Jaxson and the Squeezle...

Eloise loves when I tap my nails on something...she tries to do it too! ;)

Reading with her mama...

I love how she plays with her belly...

The Squeezle loves Madelyn...

Our aunt came to our dad's garage (where we all usually meet when Devon comes to town) and brought a couple gifts for Eloise...

Chris's birthday is coming up soon. Devon wanted to do something funny for him (as he has such a great sense of humor) and she made this...*edible* kitty litter! Chris laughed and thought it was pretty clever!

Watching a movie and drawing *comics*...

Stuffed chicken breasts (in cream of mushroom soup), mashed potatoes and corn (canned from the garden) was on the menu for supper last night!

I am always up early in the morning (4:45am today) and Jaxson came down around 7 and took a bit of a snooze on the chair for a few minutes...

After tending to the wood stove, getting laundry started, and time spent on the phone with my sister...I need to get moving. The morning is passing by much-too-quickly and we have schoolwork and housework to do! Happy Wednesday...thank you for visiting! :o)

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. your home looks so very cozy and peaceful.i have a question i think you posted a recipe before for a corn doesnt seem to come up when i click on the recipes. would you consider posting it when you had a chance.thanks

  2. Good morning, Katy! We're enjoying a cozy day inside today also, rain pouring down and rumbles of thunder heard just a few minutes ago! What a nice mild winter we've had! Have a blessed day!

  3. Good Morning:) My Boys love rainy day:) Can I Please ask you if you get a free moment to Please Pray for the town of Harrisburg, Il...they got hit by a Tornado early this morning, 10 dead, 2 of them children, and still people missing, we have friends there, and my husband will be heading down there because he is a Fireman...Thank you for your Prayers:) Have a Blessed Day:)

    Lisa from Illinois

    1. I hadn't heard awful! I will be in prayer!!

  4. The rain has moved out of here and now it is 71* and sunny! Very weird for this time of year... no wonder I can't shake my cough!

    Enjoy your cozy day inside!

  5. Hey Katy, it's me again! :) I know you had posted this on here before, but I did a search and couldn't find the post. Where do you order your chicks from? We're getting chickens for the very first time, and I want to buy them from a tried-and-true, reputable company. Thanks!

  6. I just love how you adore your husband. I too think of the special feeling I feel when I see my husband busy at work. What a blessing to have a hard working, sweet and strong man to lead your family. Blessed wife, Angelia in Tx

  7. Very nice photos of your family Katy...but, can we see you in some of the pics sometimes? We don't get many times to see you with your hands dirty! lol. Hugs

  8. This is a very nice post Katy.
    I love watching my husband work too! It just draws me in. He's so handy with things and his trade is roofing (hard work). We also had rain and tornadoes here in Kentucky with 72 degrees for our high. I can not remember such a mild winter!

    Eloise is getting hair! (: She's such a pretty baby. I'd be interested in knowing how Devon made the edible kitty litter cake. Yep -- That's really clever! I'd like to try to make it for my mom (who adores her cat); she also has a birthday in a few weeks and would get a real kick (laugh) out of it. Happy *coming up soon* Birthday to Chris! (; Thanks for sharing!


  9. You are a busy bee and as we also have a wood burning stove I know what hard work it is cutting and stacking. I just wanted to pop in and say hello from a sunny France and congratulate you on winning my giveaway. I will be popping it all in the post in the next couple of days and hope you enjoy your goodies and come back and say hello one day.
    best regards
    ps. thought the edible litter tray was fun

  10. Hi Katy i have just come across your beautiful blog..i love it, thank you for the beautiful music. As i get older i am becoming more of a home girl. I will call by again. Best wishes jackie x

  11. I love your pictures! We always do wood as a family too. Much more fun that way. I tell my girls to consider themselves blessed. Not all girls their age can stack wood. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  12. Hi Katy, i have just baked scones listening to your music, i have also ordered the book "let god into your heart", i think thats the title. My three oldest babies have flown the nest, our youngest Milly, is 17 yrs tomorrow! I miss them as babies, i miss the busyness of it all. We do not have homeschool in England,infact children start nursery school at the age of four yrs! Its so young to be seperated from their mama and home.
    Glad i have found your blog, you have given me much to think about. Best wishes jackie x

  13. The kitty litter cake is so neat! There truly is no place like home. I love days when I can stay home and feel as if I have things in order and cozy. Have a great day. I enjoy your photos. Thanks for sharing.



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