Wednesday, December 9, 2009

12 Years Ago Today....I Almost Died.

I was 16. I thought I was invincible. We do that, don't we? We think things happen to *other* people. December 9th, boyfriend at the time and I had just been at a friend's was night time. I actually think it may have been a school night so it wasn't late or anything...but since it gets dark out was dark by this time. Probably 9 or 10pm...the last thing I remember is pulling out of her driveway.

It's a long story to explain it all....but we were hit (it was the other driver's fault). I was *not* wearing a seatbelt (remember that whole "invincible" idea I had??....yeah..not so much, I found out the hard way!) I shattered my left elbow and also hit my head on the windshield. It knocked my out and I went into shock...and also had to be taken out of the car using the Jaws of Life...because I was pinned in by the dash. I am actually thankful I was unconscious for all this part...because it sounds horrible!!! My boyfriend at the time, was not seriously injured...thankfully!

My parents and sister were at home putting lights on the Christmas tree and they heard something go over the scanner. Knowing my boyfriend would be driving that way to bring me home...they called my friend and asked her to drive out and see what happened since it was only a couple miles from her home. (This was before everyone had a cell phone). She drove to the scene...saw it was us and went home and called and told my parents. I don't know other details about everything my parents were thinking or feeling as they drove to the scene...but I *do* know that my dad saw them put me in the ambulance and saw me moving around and was relieved and thought I was fine. But one of the EMT's told him I was just *in shock*. They rushed me to the local hospital...where I am told friends of mine gathered to pray for me....and then wanted to life-flight me to Presby Hospital in Pittsburgh....but because of weather issues...they ended up driving me down by ambulance (a 2 hr+ drive).

To make an extremely long story short...I was in the hospital for 2 weeks...I think....and in a coma for 1 week of that time. I shattered my left elbow which they repaired with a new surgery at the time (pictures of my elbow are even in a book about this procedure now since it was new and experimental!) and I have full function of my elbow (thanks to months of physical therapy....not fun! But I thank God *for* that valuable let me pick up and hold my children and wrap my arms around Chris and my kids in a warm embrace....I am so grateful for sooo much!). Also while in the hospital, my left lung collapsed and that had to be fixed.

Fortunately for me, I had no permanent brain damage. I *did* have memory trouble for quite a few years and to this *not* a fan of being in a large, loud and chaotic scene. (Although who truly would enjoy that anyway? hehe)

There is so so so much more to this story...but I have gone on long enough. What I basically wanted to express was the severity of the accident I was in and also how truly grateful to our Father...our Creator....our greatest Love and Friend. I struggled with depression and stuff for years afterwards. There were times I just felt like I didn't care about anything. My mom said she would look in my eyes and it was like *I* wasn't there. I am just sooo thankful that God brought me through this and ended up blessing me with an absolutely wonderful husband and children.

I am thankful for friends and family who prayed for me...even years after the accident when most people had forgotten about it. I am thankful for the doctors who saved my life *and* my arm. I just have an absolute abundance to be thankful for....and could go on and on and on. The list of things that could have happened is infinite. I could be paralyzed or have brain damage. It is *only* by the grace of God that I don't.

Although He saved me in a very noticeable way....He in fact has saved each one of us. He offers His perfect love to each one of us...He sent Jesus to pay the penalty for our horrible sins. It saves us from eternal death. But just *knowing* that is different than *accepting* that gift. When you accept that gift...your life will reflect the light of Jesus' love. I pray you know Him as I know Him. I will continue to seek Him *all* the days of my life. He is my greatest Love. I am so very far from perfect....but *do* live to please Him and He knows my He knows yours. What does He see when He looks there? Let Him see love....because He loves you! ;)

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
~Jeremiah 29:11

Thank you for sharing in this day with me. I can't believe it was 12 years ago! It was the day God saved my life. It was the day He told me He loves me.....I just didn't realize it for many, many years. I haven't always lived my life for Him.....but I *do* now...and I wish I had all of my life. But I can't go backwards...I can only move forward in this journey of life and I intend to follow the path that God lights for me. :) I hope *you* are on that path too...and if you aren' me (link on left sidebar). Let's talk. Let's pray. :)

Peace and joy to you, my friends. Thank you for stopping by. Stay warm in this blustery cold winter that is upon us! :)


  1. Wow. It seems like so long ago, and yet, it also seems just like yesterday. I remember that so well. I was so scared.
    I thank and praise God for bringing you through that ordeal, and for keeping us as friends for so many years!

  2. What a story and testimony that God has so many plans for us that we can never know.

    The following link is to Hope for Life. The testimony that it will lead you to is my friend Bobby. I think will like the web site too. There is also a testimony from my cousin about losing her husband in an oilfield accident. It is an amazing place to visit. Let me know if you like it.


  3. You have truly been blessed.. given a second chance in life and a wonderful family.. don't ever look back and regret.. God looks upon us as we do our own children and knows we/they will make mistakes. How can we truly realize the forgiveness of God if we feel like we've lived a perfect life?
    May God always bless and keep you and your family safe.

  4. Your story made me cry, Katy. I too am so glad that God brought you through this terrible time in your life. I am thankful that you have been here to be my friend.

  5. Oh Katy, I'm am so glad you pulled through! I'm familiar with presby in pittsburgh, my brother in law was there after he had a stroke. you were a lucky girl with God watching over you! My best friend from high school was killed in a car accident when she was 19 and I'll never forget hearing the news and the disbelief and numbness I felt! I can only imagine how afraid your parents must have been when they heard, so glad you are here today to tell us about it...((BIG HUGS))

  6. so glad that you are ok & still here w/us today!!!

  7. Oh I have been there. I was 17. I too have soooo much to be thankful for. you must be somewhere in PA..... my husband has to be in presby dec 21 for neck surgery. please pray. we are leaving our 4 children home Christmas week to be in the hospital.


  8. Katy,

    I was just thinking as I was poking around some blogs that I like, that it would be neat if I stumbled on to one that was from this area. I was so startled when I stopped by yours and saw your picture! I noticed that you have a thing from the pioneer woman on the sidebar. Geena is taking me to her book signing this weekend!! Cool to eavesdrop on your world. :)

    Julie B.

  9. Thanks for sharing. God is indeed good!

  10. Hi Katy,
    Your story touched me deeply. I am so thankful that you are still with us and were able to share that incredible story with us and show us how the Lord saved you and can and will save all of us. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas. Hugs:)

  11. Thanks for sharing your story, Katy. I just know your words have touched someone today.

    What an awesome testimony!

  12. What an amazing story! I am glad you were able to get through such an awful accident and a tough time in your life, to recover and have the family that you were meant to have. It was not God's plan to take you at 16....he still has many wonderful adventures planned for you! :)

  13. What a wonderful story and testimony. Thank you for sharing it.

  14. What a wonderful story to share with us....thankful that God brought you through your accident...your story will touch many! :)

  15. Katy,
    Reading this beautiful testimony brought tears to my eyes.
    The Lord had VERY IMPORTANT Purposes for you. He already knew you would marry your Chris, and mother your children. I'm SO THANKFUL for you!!

  16. What God had in mind for you 12 years ago! He allowed you to go through all that trial for me. He saved you to write this post 12 years later because today, December the 10th, 2009, I needed to hear you. I needed to hear my Lord through you.
    Thank you, Katy,
    Thank you, Lord,

  17. You are such a beautiful person inside and out. Glad you are my dear friend.

  18. WOW! Katy, your story is very powerful. I think we all have a story of how we came to make the decision to accept God's gift, but some are not as exciting or traumatic as your's!
    I am so thankful that He pulled you out of that accident and made sure that you were put back together on the outside as well as the inside. Praise God!
    This is surely a time for Thanksgiving.

  19. Thanks ofr sharing your story. God most certanly has greater plans for you sister. I was almost killed in an accident when I was 10 years old. I was hospitalized for 2 months in traction, wore a body cast after that for the next 2 months, almost lost my right leg to an infection...God is good! I am 43 and still have my leg )scars and all).

  20. Thank you Katy for sharing this day with us. I am very thankful to Him for HIS GRACE....His plans, His voice and His LOVE toward all man kind but it is tender and personal and a blessing to hear your amazing moments and His love that has brought you here... It encourages me to share in your life moments. The Lord only knows the places you'll go from here. I enjoying reading your blog and will look forward to meeting you in the clouds when He returns here soon.

    W/Love and smiles Angelia in TX

    P.S. I just received my copy of "The Mother at Home" thank you for the recommending it... I have felt it blessing me already and just started it.

  21. I am so thankful to our Lord you are here and have such a beautiful Family. May this CHRISTmas seasn find you giving and getting many blessings...m..

  22. I remember Mom and Dad leaving me ALONE and I had no idea what was going on. They just left me and raced off to the hospital. At the time I was a little dazed and a little ticked... but looking back, I know that they didn't want to put me in the situation of having to be in the hospital with whatever may come about that night. I'm glad I didn't see you in *shock*!!
    Thank goodness for friends and family who helped us out! I mean, mom and dad pretty much dropped everything to go with you... and people donated food and money to help pay our bills and for the gas $ to drive the 2+ hours to the hospital. God totally provided--not only with your healing.. but with the provisions to allow our family to stick together.
    (annnnd.. while at the hospital visiting you... I learned how to pop my retainers off of my teeth with my tongue. LOL!!! i'll always remember that about those times!)
    Love you!

  23. I praise the Lord for bringing you thru this. I wish everyone could read this and take a lesson from it. Although it was not your fault, all of us are vulnerable when getting on the road. God kept you so that you could have the happy life that you now share with your loved ones.

  24. Wow...what a story!! That is my favorite verse...Jeremiah 29:11.
    I think of you often, especially when washing dishes!! :)

  25. Wow, thank you for sharing your story. Thank God you survived and what a reminder that we don't know what is in store for us.

  26. You said . .

    **I had no permanent brain damage. I *did* have memory trouble for quite a few years and to this *not* a fan of being in a large, loud and chaotic scene.**

    I know about that type injury. Personally. So sorry you experienced it.

    jAne * tickleberry farm

  27. Katy, It is late and I just got home. Came over to see you on your blog. Read your story. Oh I am so glad that the Lord spared you. YOu are so needed in blogland!

    I have accepted the gift of Christ. It will be so fun to spend heaven with you!!!

    Blessings and Merry CHRISTmas!!
    Prairie Flower

  28. WOW! Katy! People caring and praying take us through a lot of difficult times. I am so thankful that you came through this. You have a wonderful husband and three beautiful children that would not have been if you had not survived. Our struggles in life make us so much stronger. Thank you for sharing this with us. I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year!

  29. Wow, what a tear jerker... RiverBendFarm said it best; "I needed to hear my Lord through you" How ironic that at todays mass, I prayed that Our Father would shine his light down my path, to be my guide here on earth.

    Your story touched me today, Thanks for sharing.


  30. My word! What a great testimony to God! Glad you made it through and you're here today to share your story with us.

  31. wow, so happy youre ok..
    You are a blessing...

  32. God is so good and so faithful! I am so glad that He brought you back to health. What a testimony you have!!! Merry Christmas!

  33. Awesome post Katy! I remember that day and hearing about everything the next morning in school. It was truly an awful experience, but likeyou said God has worked miracles of so many kinds and with you in so many ways! I am thankful foryour happy life that you hold today! God Bless...

  34. Awesome jolt of reality. It shakes me to the core. It happens so fast. God is, indeed, good.

    P.S. I think you may have meant 1997 instead of 2007.


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