Thursday, December 3, 2009

Morning Peace

Each morning....I awake around 5am or so *naturally* ~my body is just tuned in to rising early. I love the peace and quiet solitude of the morning. Usually, before going downstairs, I will check my email on the computer. Then I go downstairs and put in my contacts. ;) Otherwise, my glasses drive me bonkers.

With it being the season of Christmas...I have the lights of the tree to plug in and admire as I sit and open my Bible. The picture above is my view of the tree from where I sit in the living room. :) I love just sitting there, looking at the lights and listening to the wind blow outside...and just thank and praise God that I have a home to protect us from the blustery and cold wind and rain.

My sole companion in the mornings is my sweet Ruthie. :) She quietly lays (and sometimes snores) as I sit down stairs....we both enjoy the calm before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. :)

I am reading in the book of Matthew...underlining and marking as I go. Then after I am finished reading it through....I will go back and re-read it and take notes in my notebook binder as I go.

I really enjoy my mornings. After studying my Bible and praying...sometimes I just sit in the quiet and *be*. Then I like to turn on Fox News and watch Fox and Friends (like I mentioned in my post the other day) while I eat my breakfast. I like to be aware of what is going on around me and I feel that Fox News is the most honest and truthful network to find information on.

After making Chris' lunch and coffee for the day and awaking him....soon the kids are up and the day officially starts. :) By the afternoon...I am exhausted and wonder, sometimes, how my kids aren't...? They just go and go and go! ;) Although *some* days I can get them all to lay down for a bit and rest....and peace resumes.....for a little while! ;)

Today is also a very special day. My baby turns 4 today! My how the time flies. I will be making him a monkey cake and we will have a small party for him this evening. :) It was so cute....earlier today we had a conversation......

Jaxson: "Am I four right now?"
Me: "Yes you is your birthday!"
Jaxson: "I can't be...I'm not taller...(as he puts his hand on his head)...see?" was just too cute. :) If only that were true...that if you stay short you don't age. Hmmm...that would make me 18 forever...haha! I am sure some of you would be younger then, too! ;) Don't you love how kids think?

Well...I need to be off and get things going for the day....laundry and other housework is calling my name and we also are starting our schooling a bit late today. But that's OK....that's the joy of being at home....we can organize our time how it works for us. The kids were busy building clubhouses in their rooms and playing this morning and I didn't want to disrupt.

I hope you have a very enjoyable day! Whether it be rain or snow, windy or not....just enjoy whatever God sends your way. :)

Peace and joy to you, friends.


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!!!
    I love the lights of a tree...I like getting up early as well..

    Katy, I know you believe in the strength of prayer...if you could, would you be so kind as to add my daughter to your prayers...she is almost 19.
    I would greatly appreciate that!!

  2. When I talked to Jax on the phone this AM... I said "Happy Birthday"... and he started to say it back to me... but caught himself. LOL... then he said "When ur birthday?"... and I said "not for a long time" and he said "oh, I tell you Happy Birthday when I get off the phone on ur birthday." :)

    See you tonight!

  3. Happy Birthday Jax!!!

    I love your morning routine...what a great way to get closer to God!

  4. Your morning quiet time sounds blissful. I still have little bitty babies so not much bliss yet early in the morning....though wearing a baby in a sling snuggling close as I do "stuff" is pretty blissful a different way:)
    Your house looks very cozy with the lights!

  5. Happy Birthday Jaxson!
    I am definately a morning person, but with insomnia, a LOT! I too enjoy the solitude and will even stay up late at night to get it. LOL! I guess I burn my candle at both ends most of the time!
    Have a great day and I hope Jaxson has a wonderful birthday!

  6. What a lovely post. I love how you start your mornings. I watch F&F every morning while getting ready for work.
    Happy Birthday to your precious little one!

  7. Happy Birthday to your boy.. he's a darling.
    Thanks for sharing your morning with us.. I enjoyed it.. tree and all.
    I too am an early riser for all the same reasons.. my day isn't complete if I'm not the first one up with moments for prayer and contemplation.

  8. happy birthday to your little one, how precious he is...
    Youre a joy to visit..
    take care,

  9. Your tree is lovely, Katy! December "inside" days are so cozy!

  10. Katy~ Happy Birthday to your litle one...How neat it is htat you get up so early and can enjoy some peace. I am exactly opposite. I like to stay up late because that is when I can have peace and quiet. for me getting up in the morning is more of a Do I really have to get up and stay up?? Sometimes after getting Roger off to work I go lay back down, but if I do happen to stay up I can get so much more accomplished in my day.

  11. My baby turned five not to long ago and promtly looked me in the eye and said, "Mama I'm not your baby any more. I'm five now." I was so sad. But I informed him that because he was my youngest he would ALWAYS be my baby!
    I am not a morning person, that's hubby. I also prefer to stay up later and sit in the quiet. I have a Bible in everyroom so that I can just pick it up and read. I have found that I sleep better after absorbing God's truth.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing about your morning...I've been trying to reprioritize for the longest time, especially when it comes to my mornings. I love how you place God first before starting anything else. Your mornings sound peaceful and so unrushed, the way I want my mornings to be. Thanks so much - I'm definitely inspired through this post.

    I just read your latest post - and it's a joy to see the happiness on your son's adorable face. He is so cute! *Happy be-lated birthday, Jax*

    May God continue to bless you and your family!


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