Monday, December 14, 2015

Motherhood and The Way Home

"Firmly and lovingly, parents needs to take back the care of our little plants. Mother needs to be home so her children can be home. Then, when they are ready to leave the greenhouse, they will be mature. They will be really independent. They will have strong characters formed by saturation in God's Word and the sight of it in your life. You will have given them roots and wings!"

~Mary Pride, The Way Home

If you haven't read The Way Home *beyond feminism back to reality* by Mary Pride, you definitely need to. It is a *great* read. It is convicting, encouraging and biblical. If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that I believe, biblically, women are to be home raising their children. I am also a huge advocate for homeschooling.

I *do* understand there are situations where mothers must work...not because they want to but because they have to (single parent situations, husband unable to work etc.). I also know there are a lot of pressures (and desires) with women to want more stuff and even go to work to give their children more "stuff". Then there are women who want their career and put their children with babysitters or daycare without thinking twice about it.

Situations vary....but the truth of the matter is this: if you have children, God has given the job to *you* to raise them. When children spend most of their waking hours under the care of another then *you* are not raising them...someone else is ~ and that is a shame. Raising souls is one of the greatest responsibilities you will ever have. Nothing is more important. Mothers have the *best* job and so many (unfortunately) hand the reins to someone else. I'm not here to judge but rather encourage...that if this is *you*...sit down and crunch the  numbers... you may have to take off the *extras* but you may be able to make it work. It is truly worth it to find out!

Tending the home is not drudgery. It's not always blissful fun of course, it's work...but it is the woman's ministry. Think of how a society will improve or decline according to the family home! Mothers at home, tending to her husband, the house and the children ~ nowadays it sounds old fashioned and too-good-to-be-true. Now women are almost expected to go to college, join the workforce and earn money, money, money. But this need not be so!

"Homeworking is more than a dirty chore. It is a ministry. Humble, yes. But she who humbles herself will be exalted."

"God intended women to spend their whole lives serving other people. Young women serve their children, their mothers, their husbands, and the community at large. Older women train and assist the younger women, and in some cases become church helpers. Women are not called to pursue motherhood for five years, get a career, and thereafter live for themselves. We are responsible for keeping society healthy and human. And for this, we get respect. Charity at home? What an opportunity! What a ministry!"
~Mary Pride

Lately, here at home...

Above and below are pictures of my latest knitting finish.

Candle-lover here...(always bought on sale though!)  ;)

Making caramels for the guys (my husband, FIL, BIL, and others) at the meat market who have been working tirelessly processing deer meat after this past deer season (I made them one year and now it has become a bit of a tradition. It's a bit of a pick-me-up for them after a busy couple weeks)...

I am such an apron-lover! Isn't this one so pretty?

Cutting caramels is *not* an easy job!

Here is a portion of the ones I made, cut and wrapped for the guys. I made a double batch (completely unintentionally...but found I used double the brown sugar in my first batch so had to double everything and just make a double batch)...and gave some to my Pastor and his wife for Christmas...

Please know ~ I desire good for others...and I *know* that you will thrive when serving your family in love and glorifying God in the process! This is why I post things such as this....because I desire women to follow our biblical roles and watch society improve and the gospel spread as we are obedient to the Word! We, as sinful people, always try to do things our own way. If we would stick to God's much better life would be! I can understand unbelievers not abiding His Word...but if we claim Christ as our Savior then there really is *no* excuse for us as believers. We simply *must* be obedient (not out of legalism...but out of a pure love for God and because we know His ways are always best!).

I leave you with this admonition and encouragement:

"Be a homeworker. Work to build up your husband, and help him attain an elder's qualities. Exercise hospitality. Serve people in your home. Be creative. Worship and praise the Lord, first with your family, then with others the Lord will bring. Seek further knowledge and the example of older women who have successfully raised godly children. Become the kind of woman who is now more rare than diamonds, and who has always been more precious than rubies (Prov. 31:10)." 
~Mary Pride

Please, if you can, get the book that I linked to at the beginning of this post (or see if your library or a good friend has it for you to borrow). It's wonderful! Also, I just finished reading "The Holiness of God" by R.C. Sproul. I think I have read it before but it was great the second time reading it too! So much truth and not difficult to understand! I highly recommend it!

Find your way'll be the best decision you ever make. Not always the easiest choice, but so worth it, truly. Your husband, children and home *need* you!


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  1. Lovely quotes! Definitely adding the book to my wish list! Such a blessing to find women encouraging other women to be keepers AT home! Your knitting project is lovely! I really need to learn to knit. Do you have a recipe for the Carmel? Oh how I wish our freezer was full of deer meat. One day. Your apron is beautiful. I have one that I wear. Hoping to grow my collection. Have a lovely night!

  2. I love this and totally agree with you ;) Yes, there are varying degrees of situations but it is only our current society of the last sixty years that is different from the thousands of years before. God's intentions for women can always be worked out through his strength, wisdom and grace. Thank you x

  3. What a lovely blog you have, Katy! I was so happy to meet you on my blog tonight through your comment. I wanted to let you know that the book you would like is already being given to someone else, but there are four other books still available. If you would like one of them, it is yours! The ones that are left are: 10,001 Ways to Declutter Hour Home, Kick the Clutter, How To Manage Your Money, and the Super Chicken Cookbook. I just wanted to let you know! You are welcome to email me or comment on the blog to let me know if you'd like one. God bless you! I will be following your blog now.

  4. I think you have it right! My children are grown but I still desire to be home, to be available to our parents, my grandchildren, my children, etc. I'm truly praying about it. I just finished reading a book by Linda Shields, Home for Good... it pretty well sums up how I feel! She has a blog Home for Good, if you haven't seen it yet.

  5. Those caramels look so good.
    Have a very merry Christmas
    Fondly Michelle

  6. I think you were very brave to publish this. I have read that book and thought it was very good. I have also stayed home with my children and love to be a homemaker. It's not always a "perfect" life but I truly love it and am so thankful that my husband realizes the value in it. At times through the years, I have felt guilt sometimes because he works a job that he doesn't enjoy and sacrifices a lot sometimes for it to work out financially. And the reason that I said you are brave is because I would say that most of our society thinks "well the children are in school, so to work mom goes", and I know that because I have heard it so many times from family members and other people. And of course, "what in the world do you do all day?" or " I would be bored out of my mind" to which I reply, " I am never bored caring for my family". I just pray that I can live up to my calling and make my husband proud. And God Bless you for writing about this. This is why I love your blog.

  7. I loved this so much. God bless and Merry Christmas :-)

  8. I love how you share such goodness such as this. I too believe like you... and I agree some have hard times being a single parent or illness that doesnt allow so. As I have aged and watched my children grow up.. I so realize how important it is when God gives us the gift of motherhood, and he never said it would be easy.. but oh my the joy is amazing. I wasn't able to be home 100% of the time, but oh how I wished I could have been. And now that I am in my 50's chasing money, things and stuff is just that chasing stuff, stuff that will never give you the joy of a child's smile, hugs, and a simple flower picked just for you. So many miss out and don't even realize it. So I pray that times would become Simpler, more focused on God, and for people to just be kind.. May God Bless your family this Christmas season. Such a gift to be able to read along.

  9. And I forgot, to mention what a blessing and gift to those hard working men in your life, and to a pastor/wife. Such a thoughtful blessing to share and yummy I am sure..

  10. Great book. I love your apron. I am a huge apron lover. :)


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