Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Celebrating Audra!

 My niece, Audra, turned one last week! We were so blessed to get to celebrate with a small birthday party at their house this past weekend (She had a *Peanuts* theme and my sister made her dress. Isn't it darling?)...

Her sister, Dinah, has the sweetest little smile...

 Jaxson and Eloise playing "Dr. Who"...

 Madelyn and Audra...

 Hehe...isn't she cute with those pig-tails? (and that is Xavier's leg to the bottom left. I just realized that I don't have pics of him there! Ack! I don't know how that happened! He is in the video that I linked to below though!)....

Happy Birthday crowns...a birthday necessity (Jaxson's face makes him appear less than enthusiastic...haha!)....

 Time for the birthday cupcakes...oh how Audra wanted to get her hands on them!

She reached and reached...

...until she got frustrated!!

 Whew! Time for her little piece of cake...

Three beautiful sweeties...

 Time to open a few birthday gifts...

Audra did a fantastic job at opening her presents! Often, children will get bored with unwrapping boxes...but not her! She loved it!

What's in there?

It's pajamas from Uncle Chris, Aunt TiTi and the kids!

After opening a few other presents...the big gift came in from PopPop and Grammie. (You can watch a video of her getting it HERE. You can see me in the background too!)...

Although blurry, I just love El's face here...

Children are *such* a blessing! I know being a mama is exhausting and difficult....but it is *so* worth it! What a gift God has given us! I am so grateful for my own children and also for my nieces and nephews! They are all treasures!

Thank you for sharing in our celebration of Audra's one year of life! I had even more photos but figured I shared a ton already! ;)

Have a lovely week!


  1. SO sweet! What fun for your precious niece and you all! Hugs, Camille

  2. Happy Birthday to Audra! Lovely photo's :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Little Precious Girl!
    The children surely have grown!

  4. LOVE the van! That is so cool. Great pictures.

    Happy Holidays!

  5. Hi Katy,

    Looks like a very fun birthday. Your are right about Eloise's smile, I can tell from the photos it lights up the room.



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