Tuesday, December 8, 2015

When Your Baby Turns Ten....

...You don't quite know what to think. I am so blessed to have a ten year old...and yet, there is a part of me that misses the toddler he *used* to be! Is that how all mamas feel? Oh, this boy. He does this mama's heart good. 

He is my creative bug ~ always creating, drawing, building and making contraptions. He enjoys sci-fi movies/shows (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Star Wars and his recent favorite: Dr. Who).

We held his tenth birthday party at Chris's parents' meat market (as we do basically every year since it is deer season and so many of the family members are there processing the deer). My mom made TARDIS ice-cubes for the punch...

...as well as TARDIS & Bow-Tie Cookies...

Mama and Jaxson (photobombed by Madelyn!)...

A couple of Jaxson's drawings that are hanging on the front of the counter at the meat market...

Chris and Xavier enjoying some sloppy joes...

Jaxson showing off one of the bow-tie cookies...

Some family, friends and loved ones...

Jaxson with his TARDIS cake...

Those who have followed along with me through the eight years of blogging probably remember Jaxson as a little guy....I started blogging when he was only two! It is hardly fathomable to me! But time continues on and Chris and I are *so* grateful for the treasure Jaxson is. I can't imagine our lives without this silly, handsome, blue-eyed, bow-tie wearing, contraption-making boy! :o)

Thank you for celebrating with us!


  1. Your little one growing up is bittersweet for sure! Happy Birthday, Jaxson!!

  2. Katy,
    I know how you feel my baby will be turning 9 next month. It is hard to see these precious years go by. I sure enjoy all the videos we took. Thank you Lord for the invention of taking videos. I have captured so many precious memories.

  3. Happy Birthday, Mr. Jaxson! Here's a hankie for you, sweet mommy! It is so hard seeing them grow up so fast!

    Grace and Peace.

  4. time sure does fly!
    happy 10th!
    my son always loved Dr. Who also.
    blessings to your family, this precious wonderful season.

  5. Wow! Can you believe it?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAXSON! He's so cute; kinda looks like Xavier in the first picture!
    Katy, your hair looks very pretty straightened out too. Have a good day lady!


  6. Happy birthday Jaxson! My youngest just turned 10 in November. It goes by so quickly doesn't it? Have a wonderful day!



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