Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Nieces, Dog-Sitting, Playing & Knitting

Today, I am sharing a few different things all in one post. It's a bit of a conglomeration of things! :)

Here are a few photos of my super-duper cute nieces, Dinah and Eloise (from a visit we had with them a few weeks back)...

Such a big girl...

I just love those eyes...and that *smile*!

Eloise loves talking on the walkie-talkies with my boys...

Drawing pictures (we think she might be a lefty!)...

At home, we have been dog-sitting this week for Chris's brother's family. They went on vacation and asked if we would care for their pup, Daisy. She has been *such* a good girl and I just love having her here! Ruthie, on the other hand, has been less than thrilled with her arrival (as you can see in the picture above)!

Xavier and Jaxson got an early birthday gift (super early for Jax considering his bday isn't until December!) from my grammie (their great-grammie). Xavier was helping out at my mom's house today so Madelyn and Jaxson decided to give the game a try themselves! They had fun once they got used to it!

Jaxson has been doing some serious lego-building (which I am told requires dumping out most of the legos, unfortunately). This has been the look on my living room floor lately (right underneath the ceiling fan which helps keep things cool in this heat). As I type, though, all legos are picked up, put away and the floor has been swept. I am sure it will get covered in legos again soon though! Can anyone with littles relate?

Today, along with trying to keep cool...I have been wiping down areas in the kitchen and cleaning the bottles I put on display....

....Loads of laundry have been washed and are now lining my clotheslines. I'll be bringing them in soon to fold! I balanced the checkbook and paid some bills (I love the feeling of accomplishment after that is done...is that silly?).

The children and I also went out and mowed at my great-Aunt's house before lunchtime. Yes, in this heat. I know, you must think I am crazy...but it had to get done! I was a mess while doing it...dripping perspiration and had pieces of grass stuck to my legs, arms and face as anytime there was a breeze, all the grass clippings came flying up and stuck on me! Ha! I was quite a sight to see, I tell ya!

I have also been knitting. Although it's an easier thing to do when it is cold out, when it is hot, it is nice to sit under a fan and be stationary. It keeps you cooler and if you are knitting...you aren't wasting time by sitting!

A couple recent finishes...

So, that's what has been happening here in my neck of the woods. I need to go pull the grill out. I plan on grilling some chicken tonight (keeps the cooking/heat *out*side!). Thanks for dropping by!


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