Friday, July 25, 2014

Spending Time Outside

The weather (in my opinion) was glorious yesterday. Temperatures in the 70s with low enjoyable! Today promises to be the same and I am *loving* it! The children enjoy it but are still wishing for hot temperatures so they can swim more!

The girls were just itching to get out and free range for a while...

So ~ out they go...


Playing Frisbee...

While playing, the children spotted a hornet's nest!

Xavier is getting better with his banjo playing! It's so fun to listen to (and watch him play)!

How has your weather been lately? 
Have you been enjoying it? 


  1. It looks so green where you are! Our future homestead is going to have trees for sure. lol. That is awesome that your kids can play outside comfortably. Around here it is hot hot hot. We try not to go outside between the hours of 9am and 4pm. :( Our veggies droop their leaves like they are dying, even though I water them thouroughly at night, poor things. Thankfully we have a pool in the backyard. Once the sun moves behind the one tree in our yard, then we head into the pool. I prefer not to go in it when there is no shade available. I do not like getting sunburned. ;) (We use Badger sunscreen, but I prefer not putting anything on, and just go in the pool after the "sun burning" hours.) I'm currently longing for late fall weather!

    Your flowers are quite lovely!

  2. wonderful post!
    I'll bet he sounds terrific on his banjo!
    happy days, Katy!

  3. Our weather has been much the same. In fact, this evening I spent outside working in the flowers! I loved the low humidity!

    Your chickens are beautiful. I like your little flag...did you quilt that? I like the block that says "walk in faith".

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend. I continue to pray for your friend and her family.


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