Monday, July 7, 2014

Hodge Podge

Usually, I do the mowing in the family. I like the workout that it gives and it gives me a good feeling of accomplishment. Every once in a while, though, the children like to give it a go! On this particular day, the boys were helping me!

 The back of the house (that will, Lord willing, have a porch on it one day)...(also, notice on the bottom window the stickers on it? Those are from the day we bought the window! The downstairs of that addition we put on the house ~ 11 yrs ago ~ isn't finished yet *right now it serves as a big storage room* and I always tell myself I will take the purchase stickers off the "new" windows when we finish the downstairs....haha!)...

Pearl is enjoying these nice days of summer! She loves chowing down on our grass!

The chickens have been doing a great job at keeping the bugs at bay...

We dog-sat my brother-in-love's family's dog last week while they were on vacation! Oh, how fun it was having Daisy stay with us. She's such a sweetie! (I missed her when she went home!)...

Ruthie was *quite* glad when Daisy went home! :)

I reassured my Ruthers that she is my #1 gal! ;)

I think she found that comforting! ;)

Daisy always made me snicker though...she was always sprawled out (usually on the couch) and comfy...

I found these sweet little oil lamps (you know how I love oil lamps!!) at a yard sale recently! I love them!...

My aunt bought the boys a football and net game. Xavier was anxious to put it together and give it a try!

One of our brother-in-loves helped Chris finish roofing our house this past weekend. It was such a blessing for Chris to have the help (I offered but it would have taken twice as long with me up there trying to do it all! haha!)...

Xavier was on the dormer. I immediately made him get down (*after* I took a picture). We need to purchase new windows for the dormers and then finish siding them (we already have the siding...but Chris wants to get the windows, get them framed in and such *before* he puts the siding on). So, right now, the dormers look pretty rough....

We have been attending many picnics and get-togethers lately. Today, I had to run some errands, pick up our homeschooling portfolios at the school district and then went out to mow at my great-aunt's house (and visit with her...she's going to Florida for a few weeks! We'll miss her!). The children are just finishing up lunch and I need to go *make* some lunch for myself. I have housework and more things to attend to this afternoon.

It's suppose to get stormy (possibly severe) in our parts today and tomorrow. If you are in that area as well, stay safe!

Thanks for visiting! It was just a bit of a hodge podge post....but they are memories I want to keep for when I publish my blog books to keep as memory books! :)

Have a great Monday!


  1. Katy, I always enjoy visiting here. The music sets the tone for a peaceful visit. It looks as if your family has been busy...working hard and playing, too! Each time I come here I explore a bit more of your blog. I see that you also have a picture of Tasha Tudor in your sidebar. I'm not a writer nor an illustrator of books, but I love the way she lived her life. Thank you for sharing these bits and pieces of your family's life here today.

  2. What a wonderful home you have, Katy! Love those dormers....I can imagine how beautiful it will all look when all that work is done. Isn't it a blessing to have a home to work on? (Ours is an *older* home at 40 years.) We have done lots to it over the years. Have a lovely week!


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