Sunday, July 27, 2014

A VW Cruise & a Birthday!

My sister and her family came to town yesterday so she and my dad could ride in a VW cruise that was going on...and also so we could celebrate my sister's 31st birthday!

Devon took her VW Camper (Murray) through the cruise (and my boys excitedly rode with her!)...

Eloise and Dinah posed on the camper for some pictures...

Nickel (my dad's pup) went on the cruise too (doesn't she look so funny with her paws out like that? It made me snicker!)...

And they're off!

 While they did that the girls had fun with Madelyn, my mom, Cory and me (and Chris was there some too). They played Legos, rode their bikes, did some swinging on the swing sets and even got to lick the beaters after their daddy mixed up some whipped cream...

After the VW Cruise, when my sister, my boys and my dad got back, we all spent the late afternoon/evening enjoying time together...

After supper (of my mom's BBQ chicken ~ yum!), it was time for the cake...

Yay!!! Happy Birthday Devon!

While I was cleaning up the supper mess and taking things inside, I apparently missed some cute play-time between Jaxson and the girls. Luckily, my camera was sitting outside and my sister thought to snap a few pics!

Darth Vader and General Grievace dueling with their light sabers...

We almost forgot about the gifts!! Devon was excited to open her gifts from Madelyn. She made her earrings, dish cloths, and knitted her a scarf!

It was such a nice day/evening! We all enjoyed it....although I know *I* was super exhausted after it all! It was busy, busy but such a nice time! I am so, so thankful that the weather was decent. It was so fun for the girls to get to play outside! :) I collapsed into bed last night and only read for a couple minutes before I was *out*!

Today, we will get ready and head to church for worship and fellowship. I hope, for the rest of the day, we can **rest**...I am so thankful the Lord tells us to set a time apart for rest. He always, perfectly, wonderfully knows just what we need. I hope you and yours enjoy your Lord's Day and take some time to rest too!


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  1. Mercy wasn't it just yesterday that those two cute girls were born? Time fly's!


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