Monday, July 21, 2014

A Little Sadness....A Little Forge

A Little Sadness....

The past four days have been quite difficult. Friday morning, I got home from spin. Jack-Jack (the cat I have had and loved since I was 17 years old) did what he always does, steps right in front of my vehicle while I am trying to pull into the garage. So, I did as I always do...inched forward a little at a time. I opened my car door and called out to he always comes when I call....and this time he didn't. My heart is heavy to admit that I hit him with my back tire. Just typing it makes me cringe and shudder as I remember. I wish I could get the sight of it out of my mind. I ran in and yelled for Chris...but it was too late. I have such tremendous guilt about it and spent most of Friday weeping. 

That evening, we attended my friend's brother's viewing. That was so hard and laid heavy on my heart as well. It definitely put the right perspective in my head much as I loved Jack, he was a cat. People are *much* more important. I will miss Jack and cry because of how much I miss him (he has been with me for half of my life!)...but the tragic loss my friend Jess (and her family) are experiencing is so much worse. It helps me shift my eyes to her pain rather than my own. 

*Then* early this morning, on my way to spin class, I passed my inlaws' house and saw something up ahead laying on the side of the road (it's a main, highly used road). As I went by, I saw that it was their dog, Maggie. My heart sank. I went ahead and turned around and came back to her and stood with her. She was gone. I called Chris who came down and helped me get her into my vehicle (in a tarp). She was stiff. It must have happened in the wee hours. Chris called his dad...he came out but didn't come over to her. It was probably better that he didn't. We called Chris's brother (who lives just up the road from us) and we took her out to bury her. It made me so sad....I know how bad Pa is feeling. 

So, sadness has been hovering around us lately...but there is some happiness as well. Beginning *and* ending a post on a sad note can be so depressing. 

A Little Forge....

Chris and the boys made a forge. 

They did a really fantastic job with it and Jaxson was so excited. He was the one who asked his daddy if they could build a forge!

That hose is to an old vacuum...

They made use of a lot of old things. Chris is seriously a real-life MacGyver!

I'm not quite sure what the milk jug was for...

To see the boys' excitement (including my husband) over this was heart-warming and after a time of grieving this was so welcome.

And so, life goes on....


  1. You have had a hard weekend, my friend. I am so sorry. I do trust the Lord to take care of you in this time of loss...and your father-in-law as well. Parting with our pets is so hard...especially when we've had them for a very long time. But you are so correct about that being so small compared to the situation you find your friend Jess in with the passing of her brother.

    LOVE the forge that your husband and sons built. It tickles me that your son is the one who asked his dad if they could build one! Great way to teach so many lessons while they make and repair over that forge!

    Have a good week, Katy. Hugs

  2. So sorry your family is going through so much. Praying for peace and comfort.

    Grace & Peace.

  3. So sorry about the loss of your pets. I know the feeling. Our pets are like family to us. Praying for your comfort.
    God bless, Kathy in Illinois

  4. I am sorry for all of your losses!

    Love the forge! How creative and useful.

  5. A lot of sadness at once is hard, will be praying for you. We lost our bunny recently, and I cried for the first two days. Pets are more than just animals, they are part of the family.

    That is so neat that your hubby made a forge! I love that your children have a hands on father.


  6. Katy sorry for a heavy hearted weekend.....its so nice to see what a loving family you have so that must help lift the load a is also wonderful to see a child still using their imaginations, that don't happen much these days with all the video games and grandchildren do not have imaginations, my step daughter allows too much junky TV and video games.....when they are with me the one day a week we play games, do crafts use our minds to create your blog .,......
    Blessings to you hope each day gets a bit easier...

  7. What a terribly hard week you've had. I'm sorry.

    That forge is great! Well done, men!


  8. My heart is with you, Katie........God bless you, Dear.

  9. So sorry for your four legged loved ones. In most cases, they are truly part of the family.


  10. I am so sorry for your loss and your pain.

  11. I'm so sorry about the loss of Jack, Maggie and your friend's brother. We had to put our 16-year-old cat to sleep a few months ago and I still think I see her in the house sometimes. She was the first pet my husband and I got as a family and she was older than our youngest child. Hugs ~ Traci

  12. Oh Man, I am soooo sorry for your losses. I too ran backed over my cat, who was old and deaf. It is so hard to lose a pet. I have vowed to not get anymore after the one's we have are gone. It is TO HARD.


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