Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Five *Kids*

 Madelyn, the babies *Polly and Pearl*, Xavier and Jaxson...

And back they go from whence they came...

And back to mama again (although difficult to see, Pearl *is* tucked in there, running behind Jaxson!)...

 My silly slightly warm day and he has shorts on (he had pants on previously...but got "hot" and opted for shorts!;).

I love this photo, below,...look how Jaxson is looking at Pearl! ;)

Pearl and Polly seemed to have so much fun! They followed the children everywhere and *baa'd* the whole time! They were running and hopping (especially Polly...she loves to *hop*!).

There's can see her jumping and baa-ing! My mom (who was visiting) and I were laughing so much!

Madelyn and Polly...

Xavier was riding his bike around and Pearl seemed to take a liking to him/the bike. She followed it everywhere! This, also, had us in stitches!

Xavier and Polly (can you see, at the very bottom of the photo...Ruthie is looking up, longingly, I think; wishing X would carry *her* around too!)...

All five of my kids are doing wonderfully. We haven't had much of a chance to take Pearl and Polly outside like this because our weather has been so cold, rainy and snowy. We were so thankful for a beautiful day...and I *think* today is suppose to be similar! We haven't brought Penny (our Nubian) out yet...but we will bring her out to play soon too! :)

Have a truly enjoyable Wednesday...doing all for His glory! 
Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied.
1 Peter 1:2b


  1. That is so cute, Katy!

    All your 'kids' are adorable!


  2. They are really cute, I love how they follow the kids. How are the chickens getting along with them?

    Have a great day!


  3. Oh, what fun! Looks like everyone is enjoying the beautiful fall days we are having in PA this week!Thanks for sharing;)

  4. very nice pictures !

    your life = lucky !!

    marylin France

  5. Goat kids are like puppies when they are little. Unfortunately, that can change when the become adults.
    When my children were little we had two goat kids. They were named Cupcake and Twinkie. Cupcake was a great name for her because she was so sweet. Twinkie also grew into her name. She was a sweet baby but an ornery adult. She would head butt and became rather dangerous. We had to get rid of her. Hope your stay sweet!

  6. 26 years with goats. I am inclined to still say that there is nothing like Kids with kids! Enjoy.

  7. So sweet....I love all the pictures...thanks so much for sharing them.....blessings

  8. What fun!! It looks like they are all having such a great time. Enjoy those moments :)

    Hope you have some nice weather to bring the other kids out to play soon!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Kind Regards,

    P.S. I find myself just wanting to sit and enjoy your blog and lovely music. You're site is my peaceful spot to visit :)

  9. *your (not you're) It's still early morning for me!! I know the difference :)

  10. Oh my, they seem to be having sooo much fun! Katy I don't know if...but, our giveaway end tonight if you'd like to enter. Love


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