Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Glorious Day in November

"Fallen leaves lying on the grass in the November sun bring more happiness than the daffodils."
~Cyril Connolly

Today is a beautiful day...cold and windy (as expected in the middle of November) but the sun is shining it's glorious rays upon the land. I am so thankful! Sunshine brightens any day, doesn't it? Chris and the boys spent the morning at the church for a fellowship time with other men at the *Men's Breakfast*. Madelyn and I spent that time diligently's always easier to tidy things when the men-folk are out! We swept (and washed) floors, washed dishes, hung out freshly-washed laundry, and other needful things. When we were finished, we sat down together in the living room to crochet.

As you can see, in the photo above, the girls are laying! It's funny, as many others' lay-ers are slowing down their egg production due to the lack of sunlight and increasingly cold temperatures....and ours are finally getting their offical *start* to laying! They're a bit backwards...but I have absolutely no intentions of letting them know it....if they want to lay in the fall/winter...I'll take it happily! :)

As I type, I am so grateful to know that a couple good friends of ours are out helping Chris repair our garage roof. The days he has worked on it previously, he has done so alone. It is such a blessing that a couple friends could give him a hand today. The process goes so much quicker...and kind-hearted humor and fellowship does a heart good while working! The men are outside the window now, talking and working and laughing together...I can't even describe how thankful I am to see and hear it.

The children have been in and out of the house, it's difficult to keep it warm in here! The wood stove is working away...but the doors are being, and oft times left, opened so often, the heat just keeps escaping! I know that the snow will arrive in the near future (hopefully later rather than sooner) so, I am just glad the children can *be* outside, enjoying the sunshine!

As a favor to my aunt...last evening, I spent time making a sign for our local YMCA's family fun night...

The chicken coop and run, adorned with Xavier's beloved crosses...

The trees are quite bare...evidence of the cold truly setting in...

Chris works hard, keeping wood ready for the wood keep us warm! (I have tried to split wood with the ax. I have always considered myself a strong woman...but well, not so much in the axing department...I was just horrible! I couldn't get it to split no matter how much I tried!)

We let all the goats out to play, while spending time outside this morning...

Pearl and Polly stick close to Penny. She isn't their *real* mama...but I think she has *adopted* them (and they her)...

Cash wanted to play with the goats in the *worst* way...but Penny would not have any of it!

Pearl (with my Ruthie-girl in the background)...

Tonight we will be going to our friends' house to fellowship and have a meal together. We always have a nice time when getting together with friends. :o)

If (and as) time allows this are some links I have gleaned wisdom and encouragement from (some are audio links that you can listen to while home-keeping!):

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 The book we use alongside the Bible to teach our children about the *Almighty Him*.

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Until next time, Lord willing...

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. Hello Katy, thanks for sharing photos of the outside...I love the way everything looks this time of the years, because autumn is my favorite season! I could never split those huge logs either! The men folk seem to do so with the greatest of ease! Hope you and family have a very nice weekend! All the Best, Hugs

  2. Hi, so nice to come and say hello!!!!!!! The sign is beautiful! You do good work!

    Trust that your Thanksgiving is a blessed one!

    Hugs from my farm to your farm,

  3. We've had a lovely day too....

    It is always special when our husband get some good fellowship while working...they really enjoy that.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  4. Nice job on the sign Katy. It looks like it was done by a professional! You're a lady of many talents. (: Thanks for sharing the links! Our family had a busy day of hard work too - - taking advantage of the 60 degree temperature and sunshine. We'll gladly take them while they last. Enjoy Sunday too!


  5. sounds like a wonderful day!!! The goats are so sweet!:)

  6. the very beautiful pictures

    have a good time


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