Friday, November 4, 2011

Simple Reasons to Smile

A New Hobby...
In addition to my knitting, I have started crocheting. Now, I am new to crocheting so I am still working at perfecting my stitches...above is my first crocheted dish cloth...done with the half double crochet. I am still knitting, as well (it's my first crafty love). But it is nice to be able to switch back and forth between the two.

Cast-Iron Cooking...
I use my cast-iron skillet, often, for stove-top cooking...but never to cook something in the oven (it just hadn't really occurred to me before). So one night, for supper, we were having homemade pizza and I decided to cook a pizza in the skillet, in the oven! It worked perfectly!

Tidy Places...
Having the kitchen cleaned up; dishes washed and counter scrubbed; after supper, is always such a nice feeling. With the dark of night setting in sooner these days, lighting a candle gives simple enjoyment to me.

The Children Reading Together...
Madelyn spent time reading to the boys, the other day. I love moments like that!

Lumberjack Smiles...
This isn't my creation...but isn't it cute? A beard face-warmer! I think if X was wearing a black and red checked coat, he would look like a little lumberjack! :)

Daddy Time...
I love when Chris spends time reading with the children!

Sleepy Boy...
One evening, I was in the dining room and I looked over to see this...

Little Jaxson had fallen asleep after looking through books! He truly fell asleep this way! :)

Squeezle Love
Yesterday, the boys spent some time with my mom while Madelyn and I met my sister and Eloise at Joann Fabrics, a store located in a city that is halfway between our homes (only about a 20 min. drive for each of us). It gave me joy to see Eloise wearing the hat and sweater I had knit for her!

Here she is, her first time riding in a cart (usually she is in her portable car seat). Cute as a button, isn't she? I just love that smile!

Happy is our condition when the glory of God fills both heart and tongue! Oh, to swim 
in a sea of gratitude, to feel waves of praise breaking over one’s joyful head, and then to dive into the ocean of adoration, and lose one’s self in the ever-blessed God! 
~Charles Spurgeon

I hope you are smiling today...right *now*, in fact. If circumstances are bringing you down and smiles just aren't possible, start naming everything you are thankful for. It will fill your heart with gratefulness and praise to God! The reasons to smile may seem small and insignificant...but truly, even the simple things are worth having gratitude for. For THIS...and see what others are thankful for! <3

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied


  1. You are doing wonderfully with the crocheting! Love the beard face warmer. I was going to say too cute, but I should say too handsome! :) Eloise looks gorgeous in the hat and sweater you made her. I love seeing the pics of your family reading together!

  2. Hi Katy, I truly enjoy reading your blog. I started reading it about two years ago and recently decided to start my own. I relate to the simplicity of your life and share alot of your morals and values. I get alot of encouragement from you and look forward to reading many more of your post. Praying many blessings to you and your family from Louisiana. :)

  3. Hobbies are so much fun!! and your clean kitchen looks very cozy!! i love having a clean kitchen...but it never stays that way for any amount of time....because the teens are always hungry and making a snack:):):)
    Lately I've been listing 7 things I'm thankful for each day and it has been so fun and gets me thinking in a very positive way.
    Love your beautiful blog and the sleeping little one under the blanket is adorable!!

  4. I just started crocheting too Katy! I love it and am working on some wristlets (like fingerless gloves) Very beginner pattern, but oh so cute! I am also learning to knit, but having a harder time with that than with the crocheting! Ha! I am a quilter so this yarn is a new medium for me and I just love it! I am teaching my 10 year old daughter as I learn! Love visiting you! Thanks for the uplifting thoughts! God's Blessings on you!

  5. Just discovered Ann Voskamp's Blogger's Prayer. (: What a nice pattern to follow! I'm still wanting to read her book!

    Nice pictures Katy! Love Eloise's "auntie-knitted" sweater and hat! (:

    Have a blessed weekend!


  6. Dear Mom love your posts. They are so wonderful. I read the comments you get and everybody loves your blog.


  7. Love the picture of M and E... cute! I was at Joann's on Thursday evening. Oh my, I could spend a fortune in there. :)

    I have never used my cast iron in the oven either. I hear that cornbread turns out great in it.

    Enjoyed hearing your reasons to smile. Have a great weekend!

  8. i never thought of doing the cast iron in the oven either! i HATE our electric oven/stove... so i don't use my cast iron stuff... for some reason i have it in my head that it won't work as well!

    love the pics of the kids reading.. and of course, eloise!

  9. I haven't tried pizza in a skillet, it sounds wonderful. I love seeing pictures of the children, they are precious. I love reading your blog!

  10. what wonderful blessings! the squeeze is amazing. i don't think i have ever seen a happier bebe!

  11. "CONGRATULATIONS" KATY...You are our winner! Please send me your contact information...

    Hope to hear from you soon! Leave a comment on my post. Thanks!

  12. I love cooking with cast iron, especially using it to bake cornbread in the oven. Simply add a dollop of shortening to your skillet and place it in a hot oven; when melted add your cornbread batter and bake until the top begins to brown. The cornbread comes out so good! We like thin cornbread so I usually half my recipe so the bread is thin and crispy; once the bread comes out of the oven I cut into pie wedges and serve with beans or chili. Oh my, I’m getting hungry!

  13. I want to get back into crocheting. It's been such a long while. I like your reasons to smile, your pictures, and the Spurgeon quote! Blessings!

  14. Wow, what an adorable family! Love the post!


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