Friday, November 11, 2011

~A Grateful Heart~

Lately, I have been especially thankful for God's love shown in giving me my husband. I delight in him and am grateful for who he is, through Christ. We have grown and matured so much in the years...starting out as silly, foolish children. Our love has blossomed and our wisdom grown through the years. He is truly my best friend...and just the man I needed to share this life with. God's wisdom and goodness are perfect!

There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage. 

~ Martin Luther

Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave.
~ Martin Luther

In looking for something, yesterday, I came across some items that sparked memories of the past (pre-Chris). Memories that made me laugh and also some that made me cringe at my behavior...and who I *was*. Oh, how thankful I am to not be that girl anymore (although not through any goodness of my own)!

For the truth is...none of us are good enough as we are; no, not one. I was wicked, selfish, and absolutely wretched (although, at the time, I thought I behaved how "normal" teenagers did). How thankful I am that God drew me to Him...called me to be His. He changed my heart which caused me to repent and have faith in Him. Jesus loved me enough to cleanse my sins and make me pure in front of a Holy and Just God. May I never forget the wretchedness He saved me out of!
I think John Newton expressed my thoughts well when he said:

Yet, though I am not what I ought to be,
                                                               nor what I wish to be,
nor what I hope to be,
I can truly say, 
I am not what I once was;a slave to sin and Satan;
and I can heartily join with the apostle, and acknowledge,
‘By the grace of God I am what I am.’
~John Newton

I have photos to share, from around-about here at home. Just simple things...each something I am truly thankful for...

Madelyn, diligently working away on her knitting...

Lots (and lots) of yarn...

A recent custom order I finished...

Another custom order was for two is one...

And the other is for a young baby...I made a lining for in it, as well. I want the little one's head to be nice, snug and warm in it's hat!

I am also working on some crocheted dish cloths that have been ordered! :)

Schoolwork keeps the children and I busy each morning...

My mom stopped by, the other day, and Jaxson and Madelyn hurried out to greet her in their blanket-cloaks...

After enjoying some warmer fall I see, as I look out the window, gentle flurries of snow flying through the air going this way and that. It is a definite sign that the temperature has dropped! I am thankful for the woodstove though. It's warm and cozy inside (sometimes too warm).

The children are playing right now...but soon we will begin a little math, handwriting, reading and language arts. I am unsure of what the afternoon holds. I would like to get to the bank and also do a little grocery shopping...but the weather, right now, sure encourages a body to stay indoors, bundled in an afghan! I am thankful that it is another day that the Lord has made!

I hope you will, if you haven't already, enter the giveaway I have going on HERE. You don't have to be a follower of my blog, nor do you have to be a blogger! You have the chance to win a wonderful Christian book! I hope you will check it out!

I started my day at 3:45 this morning (goodness, I am an early bird, eh?) but now I need to *continue* my I best be off this computer and onto more important things! I hope you have a wonderful weekend...and thank-you for visiting!

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. J'aime une chose chez vous c'est qu'il y a toujours une lumière allumée ! j'adore cette ambiance,

    bisous de France

  2. What a warm and precious post!! The pictures are so beautiful too.
    It's interesting to think back sometimes and see how life has changed Gods grace each trial can shape and grow who we are!

  3. Katy~eventhough I hadn't been commenting I still to this day enjoy your touching writings.You speak so gentle but true.I to had thought I was doing what was normal but I as grew on my own in my faith and with my husband I began to understand that was not normal for me and it will not be for our family.That unfortunitly has seperated my extended family from our family.It is for the best.
    There is nothing like the warmth of a wodstove.At times I have to open the kitche door to let in a coolness for me bc it gets hot in the kitchen.I am thankful for it though.

  4. Lovely post Katy.
    Hope you keep nice and rugged up as we in Australia are nearly into our Summer. We have been having quite hot days here lately.
    God bless.

  5. You know, I have had these thoughts and feelings all week! I was very sad that I lived my life so carelessly. What a waste! But,dedicating my life to God has taught me so much and made me a humble person. Thank you for sharing your thoughts helps more than you know! I am sending you an e-mail later. Hugs Loretta

  6. Love all the things you are thankful for, Katy! Such simple, but wonderful things! I think you are wise to count such as blessings!

    3:45. make me tired! :)

    Hugs and Blessings,

  7. Hey =) I love how much light is in your home =) I understand how you feel too!

  8. Loved what you said about your husband and your past. I feel the same way. Sometimes I think if only I knew then what I know now... but then I realize that if I hadn't stumbled along the way I might not be where I am right now.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. I love those quotes by Martin Luther. I feel the same way about my husband. So thankful for the Lord's work in our lives to draw us closer to each other and to HIM!


  10. Lovely post Katy!!
    Just wanted to say "hello" and wish you a wonderful weekend ~ (:


  11. I truly enjoyed reading your words of love toward your husband. What a blessing.

  12. Your post described me perfectly. Isn't it wonderful that by God's Grace all past things are washed away? If you haven't had a chance to visit my new site, I hope you will. I think you may relate to the about me button.:)I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings to you and your family.


  13. God bless you and your marriage. What a wonderful thing, huh?! I am blown away each day with the husband God has given me too. He definitely knows what He's doing! :)

    Your marriage and others that are showered with God's love stand as a witness to others and it has an impact on them. May God continue to grow you as individuals and a couple and stand for His truth and love!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Kind Regards,


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