Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"It is not how much we have...

...but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness." 
~Charles Spurgeon

Simple corners of the kitchen...

Morning has arrived...candles lit and Chris's coffee made...

Below, the dish towel basket and a new-to-us cupboard in the background there. It's from my mom's house...she is redoing her kitchen so it came to me. It provided a perfect place to store pantry-items!

Cookbooks and onions...

Wooden bowls and baskets...

I have found the perfect equation for an enjoyable morning! I awake early (around 4)...check emails and have some breakfast. I listen to a sermon online by either Voddie Baucham, Paul Washer or David Platt (or others), listen to the daily briefing by Albert Mohler, then take time to read my Bible, pray and read in my newest book of choice: The World-Tilting Gospel by Dan Phillips (from Pyromaniacs).

I have found that if I go back upstairs to lay down with Chris, although I love it, I end up losing energy and feeling extremely tired. If I stay downstairs, continue reading, do some knitting or crocheting, and start my housework, I feel *much* better! I get any dishes left over from the previous night washed, start a load of laundry and get Chris's lunch and coffee made for the day! I am also going to start spending some of my morning time exercising! :) It's a wonderful feeling to be awake and *going* when the rest of the house rises from slumber!

Madelyn and Xavier...busy with schoolwork...

A *letter* just for me...from Jaxson...

He used pencil, so it is a bit hard to make out (below)...but to the left is a drawing of Chris and I am to the right. Above our heads are lots of hearts! :) Of course, this art is now displayed in a place of honor: the refridgerator! :o)

I have been working on crocheting some dish cloths to fill an order...

Here are the first two I finished...

And although, in this photo the third cloth is still being worked on, it is now finished as well and I am working on the fourth! :)

I am really enjoying crocheting. Overall, I like the look of most knitted items more than crocheted... however, I really enjoy crocheting dish cloths. It's nice to be able to do both: knit & crochet. It gives some variety in the items I make! It's also easier on my fingers, which can ache when doing one or the other for too long.

It's wet and windy outside, but surprisingly warm...the temperature indoors is 67* without the heat from the woodstove! It looks like we may have a few rainy days ahead of us (if the weather forecast is accurate)...which affords much time indoors; candles lit, schoolwork, housework, reading, crocheting/knitting, games, movies and the like. We have schoolwork to tackle today...at the moment, though, the children are playing happily and I am letting it happen. It's good to get a bit of energy out before buckling down on our studies!

I will randomly pick a winner for my giveaway, soon (Noon, EST). If you haven't yet, but would like to...please go and enter! I will email the winner! :o)

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


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  2. That quote is right on! I love hand me downs, especially when they are as adorable as that cupboard. :)

    Time for me to get back to housework. The living room won't tidy and dust itself!

    Enjoy your day!

  3. Hi Katy!
    I love your blog! What a wonderful ministry you have. We too, try to live a simple life, walking with the Lord. He's all we need! I love that I can homeschool and share that with our children :)
    I know some of our family doesn't understand the need to not have *stuff*. Do you have any tips for keeping *stuff*, especially children's toys to a minimum? Thanks! Jamie

  4. Katy,

    How I would love to spend a day with you! We could knit, the kids could play and we could share our hearts! I always feel as if you are a kindred spirit!


  5. Did Jaxson write his own name with all the curliques?

    I always enjoy your postings, Katy!! <3

  6. As always,love your corners! You and I like the same things;) So glad things are going well,and you are so blessed. Have a happy,and blessing filled week.

  7. Love your cupboard, Katy! It's nice to get hand me downs, especially wonderful ones such as yours!

    Your crocheting looks great too! So if I can crochet, can I knit? I can crochet, but never attempted knitting! :)

    Have a great week! Can't wait to peek back in and see who won the book!


  8. Such a nice post...I love your kitchen cupboard ....I have been crocheting for a long time...but,haven't gotten the hang of knitting to well yet....I have made a lot of those dishcloths...I love them and use them myself.....blessings

  9. toujours aussi belles vos photos !
    amitiés de France

  10. Beautiful creations. Thank you for sharing. It really does simplify your life when you learn to be satified with what God has given you. It is rainy here also. Hope you have a wonderful day.



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