Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Bit of Joy on a Rainy Day!

Madelyn and I had the chance to go to my sister's house for a visit with her and the squeezle, yesterday! When we got there, Eloise was we spent time visiting with Devon! Soon, Eloise was up and ready to play! She was full of giggles and smiles!

And oh, how Madelyn and I laughed....Eloise, at the sweet old age of 9 months is a walker (and runner)! Oh how she goes! It is so, so funny to watch her little legs toddle everywhere! She's just so fast too!

Madelyn helped Eloise ride her horse, Bill!

Off she goes again!

There she goes, right into the arms of Madelyn! (Oh look, my lovely piggies are captured in the bottom of this photo!)...

Madelyn reading to Eloise...

Two of my most *favorite* girls....

Eloise has spotted something...

It's Auntie Katy's knitting basket!

I think my niece may be a future yarn-lover too!

While at Nen's, she fed us a wonderful lunch! She made us grilled chicken salads which were delicious! **Thanks, Devon!** (I had a smidge of trouble enjoying the meal fully, though, because I am having a lot of pain with my left wisdom teeth. If you have been reading here for a bit, you will remember my right wisdom teeth trouble and how I had to get them insurance doesn't cover I opted for the local anesthetic while I was awake....oh my! Never again! It was awful! I am praying these left wisdom teeth stop giving me pain!)

Madelyn got the chance to try some block print stamping, while there, too!

While in the living room, Madelyn grabbed a neck pillow from a chair and put it on her looked just like a huge bow! It was just too funny! I grabbed the camera so I could snap a picture!

It was a really nice visit and I am glad we had the opportunity to go over! It was a rainy and dismal day and Eloise brightened it right up! Such a bundle of sunshine she is!

I am quite thrilled to be able to say that yesterday, I taught her to wave and say *hi* at the same time! She did it so much better before her mama started filming it...(and after her mama stopped filming...that's always the way, isn't it?) ;) But you can see it HERE. Be prepared, though, Madelyn and I say "hi" numerous times and in the most annoying voices...but Eloise responded well to it! :)

In *other* news...I tried to straighten my hair, the other day. It was the first time I had done so in years. It turned out *okay*...but I was crunched for time, as I was going to help a friend by babysitting her children (5 of my 3 = 8 children under 10 years of age...and one of me!). So, needless to say, after this photo (below) was got quickly put up into a pony tail! (It's kind of embarrassing posting pictures of myself right on here...but I know someone will ask to see it!) :)

As I was straightening it, all I could imagine was that all my natural curls were being burned away...I was worried I had damaged it. Luckily, after taking a shower the next curls popped back in all their glory (albeit a messy-bit-of-glory!)!

Loretta, a sweet blog-friend of mine, had a bit of a giveaway on her blog and I was the winner! She asked that I would post some picture of the package she sent! She sent some fun items for the children (which they were excited to receive)...

And Christmas items for me! :)

Thank you, Loretta, for everything! It was so kind of you to send it all...and the items for the children too!

The winner of The Grace Effect giveaway, I hosted, here on my blog, was Wendi from My Heart is Always Home! Congratulations Wendi! Thank you, all who participated!

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. What a fun visit with such a cute little sweet pea...the video was very cute too...babies are just so precious....and very much a blessing. Wishing you and yours a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

  2. What a nice vist with your sister and the baby:) I love your curls! I have decided to go back to my curls after straightening my hair for years. It's way too time consuming, the curls are much easier for me.

  3. Oh my goodness! I can't believe that baby girl is ALREADY walking (and running)! (: Sure didn't seem long ago when you posted about her arrival. What a baby doll!

    I think your curls are gorgeous and Madelyn is lucky to take back after her Momma (pretty girls). (:

    Uugghh - - those darn wisdom teeth! What are they good for? (: Hang in there Katy!

    Smiles & well wishes ~


  4. Enjoyed all the lovely photos. She is so very precious! Your children are as well!

  5. Katy,

    Eloise is so cute and Madelyn reminds me of Joy because it's obvious she LOVES babies! :)

    Embrace your curls, girl! I wish I had some! Seriously, I love your curly hair and it just fits you! :)

    Hugs and Blessings,

  6. i tried to enter that giveaway... but couldn't find where to FOLLOW! ugh! wanna share?! haha!

    you guys were funny--laughing at El! glad you could come over!


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