Monday, May 30, 2011

Take a Peek...

While Chris sleeps, won't you walk with me around my mom's ponds and gardens?

Here we go!

There are many tadpoles swimming in the pond below. The children just love them! Normally, there is a waterfall (built by mom) that cascades down the rocks...but mom hasn't had the chance to get the ponds cleaned out and things going, quite yet. Once she does, it is the most beautiful and peaceful sight (and sound) to experience!

I love how talented and creative my mother is! I try to learn from her. I still have far to go, but it's all a process, isn't it... a constant journey of improvement.


Oh, look! Chris is up now! ;)

We traveled, yesterday, to Devon and Cory's church to participate in the dedication of our beautiful niece, Eloise. It was a beautiful day...we arrived early so Chris and I took the children to a river and we watched the ducks! I have many pictures to share, at another time...for they were simply beautiful! Mama ducks with their babies and many male ducks, as well!

When it was about time for church, we went in and sat down. The people were so friendly and kind. It was a beautiful dedication and service. I'm so glad we could be there! (I have pictures of that, too!) After enjoying a potluck lunch, we made the journey back home to rest a bit for the afternoon.

My mom invited us over for a cookout at her and dad's house, in the evening. We gladly accepted (mom's cooking....yum!). We were quite spoiled with Mom's BBQ Chicken, baked potatoes, baked corn, fruit and dip, and devilled eggs. It was delicious! We enjoyed a time of laughter and fellowship with my aunt and cousin, who were visiting and also some other family of ours who live close to mom and dad!




So, I do have many wonderful pictures to share...but today has me quite busy. Chris is home, mowing. I have laundry out, beds made, floors swept, and things generally picked up. I need to finish the dishes and fold some laundry. A friend of mine is coming to visit today and I hope to enjoy a wonderful chat with her! It is quite hot I know everyone is looking forward to a dip in the pool later! I am on my desktop computer right now, enjoying a bit of a retreat in the comfort of my air conditioned room. After cleaning like I was, my body needed a nice cool rest!

I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day...remembering all those who fought for the freedoms we enjoy. How truly blessed we are. Now, if only we can keep the freedoms so many have fought so hard for us to have! I hope to share more pictures of our happenings, lately, in the week!

Thank-you for visiting! Sending smiles out to each of you! :)

"We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand... and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late."~Marie Beyon Ray


  1. Your mom's yard is just gorgeous! LOVE that old wash tub planter!!! Enjoy the day:)

  2. very pretty yard she has! Sounds like a wonderful weekend and I look forward to the rest of the pics:) Thats a great pic of a resting husband:) Nice to see these guys slow down sometimes!

  3. Beautiful photos :)
    Happy Memorial Day

  4. Blessings of the day! God bless America, and all those who have fought, who fight, and those who pray to defend our land! Thank you for sharing her garden, it's just lovely by the water!

  5. I wish you & your family a wonderful day filled with blessings. Your Mothers pond & yard are very pretty. I had planned on a waterfall for my garden pond but it did not happen. Your Mothers waterfall is amazing. I would love to see the water falling once she gets it going. I so enjoy my garden pond. One would look great at your lovely home. Blessings!

  6. Katy,
    Your posts are wonderful. This one is no exception!

  7. It's so gorgeous love your Mom's
    yard..Oh and that old wash tub
    it's awesome piece..
    Blessings TFS ...Enjoy the Day :-)

  8. What a lovely country garden your mom has created for her family to enjoy - love the scripture plaque! I will have to email you some pics of our natural swimming pond and waterfall that my husband built. (It's not small!) We are hoping to add in a boardwalk and bridge next summer. I had to quickly educate myself about water plants but I was thrilled when the Louisiana Iris came into flower. I love plants I do not have to water! It's still a work in progress with much landscaping to finish - I'm kinda hoping one day that one of my daughters chooses to get married in our garden!

  9. Your Mom's garden is beautiful!
    Thanks for the tour!

  10. I love this post! Thanks so much for sharing and giving us a tour. Her country garden is lovely. I love the pond, wish the waterfall was on. Have a good week! Hugs!

  11. Your mom has a beautiful yard! Sounds like you had a wonderfully long weekend.

  12. what a beautiful place your mom nice and relaxing..


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