Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Day of Hiking with Friends

On Sunday afternoon, after church, lunch and a brief nap, we went hiking with friends in a state park. Of course, the first thing Chris does when we get there is to jump on a rock like Spiderman and climb it! He makes me smile!

And because *daddy* did it, the children soon followed (not always good for a mother's nerves....on *Mother's Day*, no less!)....

Then, our friend Chris, with Isaiah on his back, followed suit...

Coming off the rock, on the other side, our friend Chris dislocated his toe (this was within 10 minutes of getting there! We hadn't even officially started our hike yet! ;) Luckily, my Chris was able to remedy the problem with a quick grab-pull! Thankfully, it worked...we were nervous it was broken too...but luckily, not. :)

A little more playing on the big rocks before we started our hike! One thing I love about my Christopher, he's so much fun. That's one special thing about our marriage...we love to laugh and do so, a lot! :)

And...we're off! We had no idea how long this trail was. We set off to follow those orange dots on the trees, a leisurely, enjoyable hike.....

Then, the trail just kept going and going.....and going. We contemplated turning around at one point, but then figured the trail *must* loop around at some point soon, right!?

Then my camera's batteries died. I was incredibly bummed. Luckily, my friend Heather had her camera too and took some pictures for me. So we continued to follow the trail...it started to wind a bit and it met up with the dirt road we had driven in on. We then had a choice, follow the trail across the road (for goodness knows how long) or just follow the road back up to our vehicles. We decided to take the road. So up we walked. Previously, through the woods, the trail had gone *down* hill. The road was going *up* hill. (And I forgot to mention before...we all had left our water bottles in our vehicles! We really had no idea what sort of *hike* we were in for!) So we walked up the hill....everyone getting extremely tired...but trudging on. The children were continuing as well....I was so proud of them.
I had not drank anything before we left and Chris became worried as I turned beet-red and started dry heaving. (I was so embarrassed....of course, I am the one out of the bunch that gets dehydrated). I felt as though I could not take another step. I told them I would sit along side the road and wait for them to get the van. Heather sat with me. So the others continued on....and we rested a few minutes. After a bit of rest, we decided to start walking again. We made it, finally, to the turn into the lane to where the cars were. It was level walking, then, and much nicer. We still had to walk that whole lane, though. Ahead, I saw Chris with the van...he stopped by us and told us to jump in. After making it all that way, Heather and I were definitely going to *finish* this hike....so Chris handed us some water bottles and drove back to the site.
It was such a relief and feeling of triumph to finish the walk. The water was so refreshing and rejuvenating! We measured it and the uphill walk was 1.5 miles (which doesn't seem like much...but considering it was *UP* hill and we had already walked the first half of, at least, 1.5 miles downhill (with no water) we were happy with the calories we burned!).

When we got back to the cars, the children (and the Chris's) were climbing rocks again (oh! To have their energy!) AND, my camera began working again!...

Yes, yes, I love this man...

Madelyn, Xavier and Jaxson were posing as *super heroes* here....

What do you do after a long hike/rock climbing...after burning all those calories? Why, you go get ice cream, of course! :)

This was Isaiah's first-ever ice cream cone! He enjoyed it, thoroughly....

My children enjoyed their ice cream cones, too!

I'm so glad you stopped by today! Thank you for all your kind comments about the wedding decorations HERE. It was quite a busy weekend...but ended with an purely enjoyable Mother's Day (dry heaves and all!)! I am so thankful for each moment God gives me. Each one is a gift.

Life isn't perfect...*I* am (definitely) NOT perfect, in deed or physical appearance,...but all we have are moments. We have the choice of how to spend those moments. I choose to spend mine trying to live my life in a God-pleasing way, loving my husband and children, and serving those around me. Do I mess up? I absolutely do. Failing is a part of life. It *will* happen...but choosing what to do, in the next moment, is what is important. Don't let your moments waste away on unimportant things. Don't let the moments you can spend with your children pass by in the blink of an eye.

Many mothers get angry with me when I encourage them to, if any way possible, stay at home with their children and not get wrapped up in their own *career*. I don't say this to be mean, at all, I just know that so many people miss out on their children...and that makes me incredibly sad. The young years of a child's life are so important. A time to feel loved and cared for. A time to be trained up and taught. It's just something that is so near and dear to my heart. It is a constant prayer in my heart....for more mother's to realize the blessed role God has given them and to embrace it fully! :)

Before I go, I have a quick prayer request. I have been struggling with pain with my top and bottom wisdom teeth on my right side. They have all grown-in just fine....but I seem to have an infection. It hurts to talk, eat, laugh etc. The dentist gave me a prescription for an antibiotic...but the infection (after two weeks of the meds) still hasn't left. It is awful. I am going to call an dental surgeon to see about having them removed. Prayers are very much appreciated, as this is something I dread. **Plus, I could think of many things I would rather spend $500 on!** Thank-you!

I hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day and I wish you a beautiful week ahead!

"We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand... and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late."
~Marie Beyon Ray


  1. Hey Katy! Is that the Farmer's Inn you stopped for ice cream at? We love the Famer's Inn. Their little petting zoo is so nice, and I like their dried goods shop. Brad and I were just up there Sunday through Monday for a little getaway!

    Have a great day!

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  3. I so enjoyed reading about your hike! What an adventure to read! My grandpa used to take us hiking to interesting places in PA.

    Our oldest son just turned 12 and I am feeling panicky of how little time we have left with him under our roof. It truly goes by so very quickly!

  4. Katy, I will be praying for your teeth pain. I too have a tooth that needs attention and I dread having it done. And it's going to be a very expensive fix at that. I hate that my husband's hard-earned money will have to be spent this way. I totally understand and I will be praying for you, Sister. ~Kelly in MN

  5. Katy~ What a wonderful Mother's day you had...I had my wisdom teeth taken out years ago (I'm almost 50!!) anyway a couple of years ago I had two teeth in the back both on the top that broke and I was in severe pain. I ended up going to an oral surgeon to have them taken out and though it did cost a lot of money I was so thankful to not have the pain anymore. I will keep you in my prayers.Blessings,Joann

  6. Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day! We are all so lucky to have families and should cherish every moment! Sorry about your infection not going away...teeth pain is tough. We will be praying for you! Blessings, Lisa

  7. Katy!

    What a wonderful hike you took! Sorry about the dehydration, but luckily it didn't last long!

    You are so right about the moments we have - we can either spend time wishing they or we were different or we can LIVE our moments, pleasing the Lord!


  8. I enjoyed coming along on the hike throughyour pictures:) glad you cameral worked:)
    Happy belated mothers day to you!

  9. Katy, I am just glad that you had a wonderful Mother's Day and I must say that the wedding decorations were such simply breath taking they were so beautiful. I had my wisdom teeth removed about five years ago and I have to say I agree with Joann even through it costed a lot of money I too was happy not to have that kind of pain anymore. I will definitely keep you in pray that the Lord will ease your pain until it is time to have them removed and ten that God will guide the hand of the surgeon and that you have a speedy and blessed recovery time.

  10. Sounds like a good day! The rocks look alot like the ones we have at one of our state parks. We love to go there in the fall :O) Hope you get to feeling better.

    *Christi jo*

  11. My batteries died one time while i was in the heat of taking pictures, so i feel you on that. Richard from Lebanons Amish community.

  12. I am glad that you were able to finish the hike. No easy task I am sure!

    I would encourage you to keep on telling how you feel about mothers staying home. I worked for years (before Megan) even though my heart was always home. I never thought I would be able to stay home and honestly I didn't find much support when I expressed my desire to be home.

    Even now that I am home I am often asked what I will do when Megan goes to school. Honestly I can't imagine returning to work and neither can my husband. Taking care of my family and home is so rewarding. I can only imagine how stressed I would be working outside of my home and trying to do all that I do now.

    Have a great evening!

  13. Father God, in the name of Jesus, I lift up Katy to You. You,oh Lord alone understand and know her pain. Great God that You are, I humbly ask You to help her receive the merciful healing that she needs. Please be with her, and provide her needs, bless her good husband and children while she mends and give her strength for the tasks You alone have set for her to fulfill. I as these thing in Your precious name, Amen.

  14. We once camped at a place which had these amazing granite formations - very much like the rocks you climbed, except these were super smooth with no footholds. I could not believe my son scaled one - we started calling him the human gecko! I am convinced I raised a family of mountain goats but they did not get the climbing gene from me! My husband loves adventurous walks, crossing waterfalls etc. I have this great photo taken in a rainforest in Queensland. At the start is a sign pointing towards the 'bush walk' and in the opposite direction the sign points to 'coffee shop'. My husband said they were thinking of me when they put up the sign! We did both - went on the walk and returned for a coffee.
    I will be praying for you. I had an episode of facial neuralgia last year which was the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced in my life. Initially I thought it was dental pain. I am happy to report that prayer worked and I was totally healed (to God be the glory!) and did not need to go onto the strong pain relief which would have prevented me breastfeeding.

  15. Looks like a delightful day!! Hiking is such a joy! :-)
    Will be praying for you about your teeth. I had my left side wisdom teeth removed a few years back. Now my right top has partially come through but not all the way there's not enough room. I dread the possibility of having it pulled. It was not fun the first time. Thinking of you!!


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