Saturday, May 14, 2011

~ Planting Flowers ~

Last week, after many days of rain, we finally got a few gorgeous days of sunshine. The children and I took that opportunity to go to one of our favorite greenhouses (owned by a local, kind family who also homeschools!). We each picked out different flowers...with no rhyme or reason in mind but to plant them and make places around our home pretty. We don't go with a major plan in mind, we just buy plants we like! The children love to pick out flowers of their own to plant!

We all got busy, getting our hands dirty! We did a lot of planting and watering!

All three of the children were a great help. They enjoyed the planting as much as I did...which gives me great joy!

**If you look closely, in the picture above, you can see Jack-the-Cat under the porch. :)

We even planted some pots and put them on the bit of fence we have up...

X thought this bit of flowers looked nice on this seat...

My hosta is growing quickly, full and beautiful! We planted a few flowers around them...but once the hosta is fully grown, it will cover everything there!

Although it can't be seen, I planted climatis near the arbor and I am hoping it will climb up over the years and cover the arbor, completely. Won't that be pretty?

Jaxson, adding soil to a crock of flowers he planted...

A look at the porch after we had finished...

The pictures don't do it justice, in my opinion. The flowers are all *much* prettier in person!

We are now enjoying some more rain, which is great for our veggie garden. Chris stayed home with the children, today, while I took a small trip to visit my sister, Cory and littlest Eloise. :) Now, we are all home together, relaxing. Everyone else is watching a movie while I type up my blog, here. I hope to spend a good amount of time reading tonight, before falling asleep (maybe some knitting too!). I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Thank-you for visiting me today!


"We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand... and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late."~Marie Beyon Ray


  1. Hi Katy....When our daughter was a young girl ..she loved to plant marigolds. I taught her how to dry the blossoms and save the seeds for the next year. We did this for quite a few years. We had lots of fun. Kids love to plant and grow something.

    Love to see all that you are doing...


  2. Katy I just wanna hop into your blog here and visit you:):) I LOOOOOONNNNNGGG to get my hands in the dirt...maybe this coming week it will become possible. I too have a front porch about the size of yours...maybe a tad smaller and have never really done anything pretty with it....your crock planting inspires me:)
    What a lovely post! Enjoy your reading and knitting! Thanks for all your inspiring and often uplifting posts!

  3. Such pretty flowers:) I love the pinkish ones on the fence! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend:)

  4. What color clematis did you plant? That will be so pretty growing over your arch!

    All the containers you used are really neat too. It looks pretty.


  5. I've been leary to plant before Memorial Day because our PA weather can turn on a dime this time of year. But since you are...I guess its safe! LOL ;) I love your flower arrangements and gave me a few ideas! Have a wonderful week. Ruth

  6. hi katy,
    lovely flowers!!!i like the pink on your fence.
    have a nice day,
    warmly regina

  7. The porch and flowers look beautiful! Hope you have a nice Sunday.
    God bless, Kathy in Illinois

  8. We enjoyed the sunny days last week too, and we also spent them planting flowers!

  9. Katy, What wonderful pictures of your children helping you to plant. I remember those days, now that my 2 daughters are grown.


  10. Loved seeing all of your flowers! Flowers always bring a smile to my face. I spent most of my spare time last week planting flowers. I am almost done. Have a great week!

  11. Hi Katy, I wanted to say I'm so sorry I haven't been by for awhile. I've been swamped with a graduation party/celebration (homeschool style) and grandbabies...and getting this same son ready for boot camp. What a month!

    I love seeing your flowers and your sweet children planting them. So precious! We've been doing some flower gardening too. I tend to kill plants but I'm trying to do a better job of it this year.

    It's so nice to see you and yours are doing well. Love that header with the new photos! :o)

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  12. We also have sunshine after rain - it's wonderful how it can just lift your spirits isn't it? Reading your post about planting flowers has just reminded me that I forgot to plant the bird of paradise that is sitting in a pot on my patio. It is going to sit next to one of our ponds and I have to exercise patience and wait for the bright and beautiful flower to come! It has these amazing shiny leaves which shimmer with rainbow-like intensity. We are hoping to give our garden a more tropical feel - the bananas do that for sure but I am really looking forward to growing some tropical flowers too!

  13. Your flowers look lovely, glad to see all partaking in the fun! :) Thanks for entering my giveaway and becoming a follower. I thought I'd return the kindness. :)

  14. Beautiful flowers! What a joy to plant them together! The porch looks amazing! Have a great day!


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