Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Only But a Moment...

Busy, busy bees are we today. We will be cleaning in the children's rooms ( seems like a chore that needs done, often!) and the playroom. I have laundry and dishes to do....organizing of the schoolroom and at some point, need to finish putting Madelyn's homeschool portfolio together. With getting my 2 wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning, I want to have things as orderly as possible so I feel that I am able to rest tomorrow.

I must admit, when I feel super-overwhelmed, as I do today (when I heap numerous responsibilities on myself and the children all at once), I get crabby and easily irritable. I think the best for me to do, is dive
into God's Word for a bit and also do some praying. I don't *want* to be a mama-monster. It's so frustrating to clean and completely organize in the childrens' rooms and playroom and then have them become messes almost immediately....broken crayons, paper trash, books, laundry (the dirty indistinguishable from the it all gets washed), toys (especially small ones, it seems) and more.

I am one who easily donates
things and throws them away. I am tired of too much *stuff*. Maybe I am not purging *enough*...but it is difficult, as I don't want to be an oger about it. I have done labeling systems for organizing and other techniques to help keep things tidy...but to no avail. It's truly disheartening.

I *do* know that once we get it all accomplished, we will all feel great....the children love to have clean bedrooms and such. It's the journey to the finish-line that I need to focus on, now, though....staying calm and loving and encouraging. This is absolutely necessary as my children (Madelyn especially) feed off of my attitude. If I am grumpy....she becomes the same. I have already been tense this morning and she is mirroring that. I need to turn my focus around and see this as a learning experience for all of us (especially me).

Alas, I have already spent more time than I wished, typing on this here blog. I need to get going. Here are a few pictures from the past week to share, that I had forgotten to share in my previous post!

Madelyn, reading to Jaxson...

Fresh bread....

My children just love celery and carrots for a snack...

And the peeps are growing *so* quickly....they are even bigger than in this picture!

Thank you for visiting. I so hope I haven't sounded depressing. Just sharing my real moments, as a real mama...some more difficult than others!

I hope your day goes well!

"We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand... and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late."~Marie Beyon Ray


  1. I think all that you described is just part of motherhood. It can be really frustrating! When ever we clean and organize the kids love it, and then spend all day playing in the room we finished...and mess it all up! :) You will be in my thoughts tomorrow! I hope everything goes well and you recover quickly.

  2. Ha! How well you described me! I have 6 kids, and 4 are living at home. Oh goodness, the stuff. Ugh. It can sometimes get so overwhelming! I purge often, I hate to hang on to things I dont use, but as much as I purge their toys, it seems like they are still there, making the mess. I often think that they will enjoy them if they have less. But which ones to choose?
    They are at school, and I am sorely tempted to go thru their toys and clothes. Praying for you tomarrow.

  3. Katy - You're not alone with your feelings of discouragment and frustration. I feel that way often, too! And I've been right there with you having one of those mornings myself! But praise to God that he can make not only each morning new, but each moment!

    p.s. - your bread always looked so nice! do you add gluten? i make 100% whole wheat so it's a heavier flour, of course. i'm thinking i need to buy some wheat gluten so my bread gets a better rise.

  4. Being a mom is a hard job, but worth all the trials it brings. As usual, love the pictures! You have sweet looking kids :O)

    *Christi jo*

  5. I understand sometimes standing at the bottom of the pile of things to do it looks daunting ....we have to always keep the finish in mind. I often fall in to mommy monster here too if I am not careful and it seems my 12yr old will follow! I think starting out in the Word helps me greatly!! I hope all goes well and praying for your dr trip in the morning! Thanks for replying to my email about CLE we are going to continue praying and listening for the answer we seek! Blessings, Lisa

  6. Oh my goodness Katy - - I totally feel ya on this post!! (; It seems to be an ongoing cycle with trying to keep up with everything for the children and hubby. Many times I feel like I neglect my own needs and am just taken for granted. It's those times that I try to just take a big breath and offer my efforts to God. Those offerings always makes my attitude better, and tasks seem not so overwhelming. I bet we've all been guilty of being a mommy monster more than we'd like to admit.
    My daughter teases: "Mom, at least you have dirty clothes and dishes to clean, a house to take care of, kids to fuss at.... and LOVE" (:
    Don't know what I'd do without her sometimes! (:
    I'll be thinking about you tomorrow Katy. Hope all goes well and you have a speedy recovery!! Try not to exhaust yourself in the meantime. (:

    Smiles & well wishes sent your way!
    Louisville, KY

  7. It's perfectly normal to have days like that:) will be thinking of you tomorrow as you have your wisdom teeth out and sending a ((HUG)) for quick recovery!

  8. Katy,
    I'm the same way when I get overwhelmed, it spills over. And STUFF gets me overwhelmed. My 6 year old's room is horrible and finally after been after her to clean for 2 weeks (she does 'clean' it, yea right) I have told her that she will pay me to really clean it. I have actually gone up in the price over the past few days because it has gotten awful. Ha! It can be frustrating, esp when I have shown her how to to group things together, focusing on one side of the room, etc... anyway, she would rather be outside tending to the animals! :) She loves her money, so we will see how this goes...:)
    I pray that your surgery tomorrow goes well. I had full anesthesia when I had mine out and oh my goodness, it made me cry and 'confess' things to the nurse. Poor thing! :) haha It was really funny, looking back on it now.
    Well, God Bless and give us both strength this day. I have laundry and dishes to tackle as well.
    Much Love!

  9. not depressing..just normal and real:) Have a wonderful day as you stay happy and get a few things done!

  10. You don't sound depressing, just real. We all have those days when it is not all sunshine and lolipops. Makes the good days even better! I am like you and don't do well when I feel overwhelmed.

    Hope you day has gotten better!

  11. Katy I so remember those days! I would get the same way, very irratable cleaning and hoeing out their rooms again and again it seems! We are all human and will do things wrong but your right they can be learning experiences if we let them be....I pray all goes well with your wisdom teeth and you have a quick recovery!!~hugs~

  12. Hi Katie - Oh, friend - I have SO been there and am there so often. More often than I would care to admit.

    Thinking of you, sweet one, today!
    Love, Monica

  13. I completely understand. :) I also love clean and organized, and when the girls were small it was especially challenging. The good thing is that at 14, 13 and 11 they have now adopted many of my same habits and tend to be very neat and organized! :) Whenever I find myself overwhelmed I bring my focus back to whatever it is I'm working on at that moment only. What creates stress is thinking about what comes next, and next,and next... You'll get it all done, and feel amazing when you do! :)

  14. Will be thinking of you tomorrow! Good luck with everything. Many blessings,

  15. I'm sure you are going to get a lot of comments on this post Katy - you are not alone on this one and I also find the rooms of my children the ones I am always having to tidy and re-tidy. I did once think I could make their bedrooms just sleeping quarters and if they didn't use their room during the day they wouldn't get messed up ... wrong!
    Plus take out all the toys and the clutter simply moves to another room. I'm still working on this - always de-cluttering, tried labeling - fine for my pantry but didn't work for the lego blocks. I wasted hours sorting lego into boxes with my son and had a box for bases, plain blocks etc but it all got mixed back up just a few days later! I think I also look at too many how to super-organize your home blogs... you know the ones with gorgeous close up shots where the laundry room is actually devoid of laundry and everything in the house except for the cat is labeled!! It's good to be inspired but sometimes I think we compare our own homes to the ones in the photographs and allow feelings of frustration to well up inside us which is when the mommy monster is often unleashed.
    A day is coming when I will no longer be stepping on toy soldiers, my home will be quieter and tidier and I know I will be longing to return to the days of a house full of young children - this thought keeps me going on these days when it all seems overwhelming.
    Praying for you and for a speedy recovery following your extractions.

  16. We all have days such as these
    will be keeping you in thought'
    as you have the wisdom teeth

  17. Thinking of you tomorrow, Katy, and cheering you on. Our 16 year old son will be going to the dentist in the morning to deal with an abcessed root canal. He has been in terrible pain. So I will be praying for you also. I have been a mommy monster here this week too, sometimes we just need a breather,and for God to pick us up, dust us off,and put us on our feet again.
    Blessings to you and your wonderful family. Make sure you don't overdo tomorrow or for the next few days.

  18. I still have some mommy monster days. The two teen kids are to keep their rooms clean & laundry done. Of late I feared opening their bedroom doors. With school & work I gave in & cleaned my older sons room. I hate for things to not be in order. My kids assure me I am a clean freak & none of their friends homes are as clean & organized as ours. Well this home is going to be. I had to tell my hubby to no longer bring items home from his mothers when she purges. I need no more. This is all part of motherhood & housekeeping. Cute little chick Madelyn is holding. Blessings!

  19. Thinking of you tomorrow! Enjoy your recovery time and take the time to rest! :)


  20. I so agree with all of this. Some days I feel like the mama monster too, and then others go so smoothly. I know I set the tone, and sometimes my tone needs lots of work.
    Purging...a never ending battle. We tackle it often too :-)


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