Friday, May 27, 2011

Simple Living: Entertainment

In the day of entertainment abundance...sometimes the simplest forms of entertainment are the most enjoyable. Madelyn and Xavier planned out, practiced and then performed numerous puppet shows for me, the other day. Above, you see the Queen and King (whose name I found out is Horace) are putting on a show.

Below, the fireman was ferociously battling fires!

The children used their creative imaginations and made some of their very *own* puppet-sticks. Although it may be hard to see below, there is a truck with a farmer putting a bale of hay in the back of it. Then to the right is the farmer's horse in a fence!

The King and Queen's encore performance...

Following the performances, all talented performer-director-producers *must* take a bow...

I love the look of Madelyn's hair as they come back up...

I'm so thankful for my talented little performers! They make me smile! :)

Last night, we had a bit of rain...but none of the storms they were calling for. So, now, the skies are cloudy and everything is dripping in rain. The day will be spent, most likely, indoors...playing games, reading, baking bread, knitting and such!

The children and I played Yahtzee yesterday. Xavier won, and was so glad that he did, too! We also spent time reading together and going through some of their outgrown clothes. The children made brownies, completely by themselves yesterday, as well. They did a great job and were so, so proud of themselves, evidenced by the huge smiles that decorated their faces as they took bites of brownie!

I had a reader ask if I had any more *oldie* pictures to share, after reading THIS post. I found this one...

It's a bit blurry...but you get the general picture. It was a senior picture of me with my beloved 1967 VW beetle. I loved that well as it's unique sound ~ it sounded just like a bug, buzzing around. It was a standard and we live in a very *hilly* part of Pennsylvania. Although I was a decent stick-shift driver, I (and even to this day) hated stopping on a hill, especially when someone would stop too close behind me. I always drifted back a smidge and it made me nervous!

I remember when I learned to drive a mom took me out to the high school's back parking lot on a Saturday. She sat on the curb, reading a book, while I drove in circles, shifting, stalling and starting...repeat. It was terribly frustrating! But I must say, I am so glad my parents taught me to drive a standard. It's such a beneficial thing to know! Especially because our new-to-us Jeep is a 5-speed, so *I* can take a turn driving it, too!

I miss my is parked and packed away in a barn, for now. It needs some repairs made to it...and other things in life take higher priority to it. So it sits, for now. Maybe someday, we can get it back out again and give it some attention to get it road-ready!

Well, I have many photos to share and things to talk about but time is getting away from me, so until next time, Lord willing...


"We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand... and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late."~Marie Beyon Ray


  1. WOW, you're an early blogger! :-) Loved the puppet show, congratulate them on a job well done. Their puppet shows are famous now!

    Great pic of your bug ~ my 1st car was a '69 VW Carmangia. It sounded just like a bug. And I know EXACTLY what you're talking about in using a stick shift on a hill w/cars behind you. I always drifted back a little, too. Makes you hold your breath. lol

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  2. Katy, What a fond memory you brought back to me this morning! I had a '67 Superbeetle back in the 70's, in light blue. Even though the heater didn't work worth a hoot, the little car ran like a charm. It didn't have much power, the little 4 cylinder engine had to work hard to get going, but it used very little gas. I had trouble on hills as well, it's hard to coordinate letting go of the brake and flooring the clutch at the same time! I was so sad when the floors finally rusted through and it was time to trade it in.

    I hope you and your family have a great holiday weekend!

  3. Love the puppet show with "Horace"! You and your beetle are too cute! We took an all day trip to ohio Amish country on Wed. and I was so nervous to beat the storms back home, luckily we did, there's nothing worse than being on a busy interstate while it's storming:(

  4. Great entry! We LOVE creative young minds. Our grand-loves entertain us with shows, dancing and music. Can't get enough of good old fashioned entertainment.
    Also love your 'VW bug.' My first car was a '68 Pontiac Lemans. Deep burgandy, black leather bucket seats. Oh yea ~ loved it! Thanks for the memories.
    'hugs from afar'

  5. your kids are def creative! love the truck with the farmer! LOL

  6. "Horace" cute! It's raining here too...yesterday was wind as well and my 4 year old and I baked a chocolate cake:) still feels like fall or winter:):):)
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. I so enjoy it when littles use their imaginations!

    I dislike stoppping a stick on a hill. I haven't driven one in years. Many years ago there was a steep hill I had to go up and then stop at the top for the gate man to check ID before entering work. I would cringe when traffic backed up and I was stuck going up the hill. I remember playing with the clutch and gas so I never completely stopped. I was scared I would hit the cars behind me if I stopped!

    Enjoy your long weekend.

  8. I love when the kids do 'shows' for us!

    Your bug is so cute...and red too!


  9. Thanks for your visit ... I learned on a stick shift, too.

    Enjoyed visiting here.

  10. Ahhh, the days of puppet shows, and plays and skits... :) Love the old photo of you with the Bug. My husband had one in high school, as did my sister. Such a cute, little car. I feel the same way about driving standard. I'm so glad I know how. I agree with the hill thing though, you always roll back just a little bit! I wish people would just assume every car in front of them is a standard... ;)

  11. How fun! And so creative! Love it! :)

  12. I love it!

    With technology (tv, computer, video games, ect) it seems rare to hear of children having puppet shows and playing like this.
    That's why it thrills me to see or hear that there are still families out there who regard entertainment as "good ole' family time"!

    We don't watch tv (except for the occasional educational dvd), so we play a lot of board games here. :)

    PS. I'm a new follower and look forward to reading more of your posts!


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