Thursday, January 5, 2017

“The grandest fact under heaven is this...

—that Christ by His precious blood does actually put away sin, and that God, for Christ’s sake, dealing with men on terms of divine mercy, forgives the guilty and justifies them, not according to anything that He sees in them, or foresees will be in them, but according to the riches of His mercy that lie in His own heart.”

~ Charles Spurgeon, All of Grace

If you sit and truly fathom the truth of this quote by will realize how truly miraculous and unfathomable it really is. *The* God of the universe....*The* Creator of all things chooses to cancel our debt, putting His Son in *our* place ~ not because of our goodness...but because of His! His goodness and love is truly incomprehensible. 

Many people do not realize that they are sinners. They don't see their need for a Savior. They consider themselves "good". People assume if they haven't murdered anyone or cheated on their spouse that they aren't "bad". The truth is that one little lie makes you a liar. An ounce of hate in your heart makes you a murderer and one lust-filled thought makes you an adulterer. People use the Lord's name as a cuss word....not even realizing they are blaspheming the God of the universe (or maybe they do realize it and just don't care?). 

I really enjoy watching Ray Comfort evangelizing. He inspires and encourages me! Have you watched his videos from Living Waters? You can see some of them HERE. He is loving, gentle, truthful and always pointing people to Christ! 

Once people realize that they are sinners and separated from God *then* you can share the truth of what Christ did! Christ's perfect life (He was absolutely sinless ~ the God-Man), suffering, death and resurrection in *our* place secured our relationship with Him. We must repent (turn from our sins) and believe! Christ is the *only* answer to our problem...but when people don't realize they have a problem...they don't realize they need an answer. This is why we bring up sin as Christians. I don't say homosexuality is wrong because I am "homophobic" (I am certainly not afraid of homosexuals nor do I hate them!). I say it is wrong because it is biblical. Their behavior is sin against God. I *want* them to be saved and so I want them to see their sin against God....see the answer is Christ...repent (turn away from their sin and live no longer in it) and believe!! :o) 

The same goes when I stand against abortion, false teachers, divorce, abuse and more! I do not stand as a perfect person in judgment. I stand humbled that God would love me and save me despite of my sin. I stand in love desiring others to know the God I serve and desire for them to be saved. Do I still sin? Yes...but I strive not to because I love Him. I no longer make a practice of sinning. I make mistakes and will never be perfect this side of heaven...but He justified me and declares me *not guilty* in front of Him (through Christ). 

I am sad that the sin of this world is being accepted as right and to stand against it because you want people to live righteous, God-glorifying, Christ-exalting lives is labeled "intolerance". People can live as they want...but because I love them I want them to know that there *is* punishment coming one day. God is not just loving. He is full of justice and wrath against those who sin against Him. This is even ingrained in *us*...we have a need for justice. An unjust God wouldn't be a God at all. Isn't it amazing that He would choose *any* of us to be saved from eternal misery? We, undeserving wretches, don't deserve his mercy...and yet, He grants it to us through faith! 

If you don't know Christ as your Savior...please, either watch the videos I linked above or email me. Let's talk. It doesn't matter how sinful you have wretched you are. You can be loved, forgiven and born again through Jesus Christ our Lord! That's what it means to be "born again". All are dead in their sin...but when the Lord saves us He gives us new life in Him! Life doesn't become easy...but getting rid of that burden of sin we carry around daily and communing with the God of the universe is one of the greatest joys in life! Do you have me and ask! I don't have all the answers but I will be in the Word and prayer and will seek out help from trusted theologians. Do you need prayer? Email me! I can and *will* pray for you! My heart's desire is to see as many people come to the Lord as possible! 

If you *do* know Christ and are is your walk with Him? Are you in prayer daily? Are you in the Word daily? Is your daily walk glorifying Him? These are not things to weigh you down. They are your lifeline. They are what keep you close to Him...growing in the faith. He must be your *ALL*. 

Sending grace and peace to each of you! May you find love, encouragement and admonition here!

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  1. Beautifully written. I am thankful that I am a child of Christ and have been on my knees often lately to praise God and to ask for His will in many matters. He answered prayer and continues to answer them.

  2. Katy, this was an awesome post. I would like to ask for you to remember me in Prayer, I am a Christian but these last few months have really tore me apart. Illness in my family and so much Anger.. Also would you mind sharing how you do your bible study and prayer time? If you would rather email me here is my email.. .. Thank you so much..

  3. Excellent post. Truth presented in a very clear way. Thank you!
    Loving my Jesus...
    Laura Harvest Lane Cottage


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