Friday, January 27, 2017

Plan With Me Video Using Sweet Kawaii Design Stickers!

 Hi Friends! For those who enjoy these videos: here is one using Sweet Kawaii Design stickers! I watch for big sales and only purchase a few things inexpensively. Purchasing stickers can be expensive. I mostly make my own but like to support other small businesses from time to time! :)

I really enjoy planning (and some days, do so without stickers...they are just an added bonus!). I love to have my days mapped out and organized and a TO DO list to check off throughout my day. It motivates me to get things done and helps me to remember things I need to do! :o) 

Today, the children and I went into the Y to workout this morning and practice volleying the volleyball (since we have church volleyball tonight). Now they are working on schooling and I have chores to get done! :) I think we will watch a movie this afternoon! I hope your Friday is going well and thanks *so* much for stopping by! 


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  1. Your a good Mom, and a great planner! Everything always seems so cozy! I do love stickers I use them in my journal I use most days! Snowflakes and hearts and birds and flowers! Blessings to you and yours!
    Always, Rox


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