Saturday, June 30, 2012

In the summer...

...Swimming is a necessity!

Friday was another hot day in our neck of the woods (maybe it was in yours too?). My brother-in-love, his wife and son and also his mother-in-law all met us over at our neighbor's house (remember them? Yeah, those ones who are such a blessing to everyone...who gladly share everything with everyone...including pool usage? Yep...them!) to swim. I don't swim (although I *can*, I just choose not to until I am at a comfortable weight for myself and once I can, then, purchase a modest swimsuit). Everyone else had a great time though, cooling off!

When the children even hear the words "let's go swimming" begin to come out of my mouth, they are off like lightning, to find their suits! Were it possible, I think they would each *live* in the pool for the season!

My sister-in-love's mother is a swimming instructor. She kindly gives of her time and ability to help my children learn. She does such a great job with them! Here's X, learning to float...

And here he goes front-ways...

Madelyn, enjoying some swim-time (her and those goggles crack me up!)...

Xavier and Jaxson, splashing around...

Jaxson just loves these flippers. Anytime he is at the pool he puts them on...

 It was truly hilarious watching him flap those flippers back to the pool! We all had a good chuckle over it (which he loved and made his "flapping" even more dramatic!)...

When not taking photos or visiting with everyone along the side of the pool, I sat back in the shade working on a small knitting project. It's just a simple dish cloth. It's hard to make anything *big* in the summertime...

Chris's brother worked with Jaxson on his kicking...

But Jaxson is happy just floating around in a mini-intertube!

The walk back home is a short one....just through the woods and across the driveway...past the chickens and the garage. If you look closely...way on back there through the can see some laundry hanging out on the line to dry!

My poor, sweet Christopher. He was at work when we went swimming the *first* time yesterday (his brother has the summer off since he is a teacher). Chris loves to swim (although it takes him what seems like an eternity to actually get *in* a he goes around dipping a toe into each corner of the pool, checking the water temp.).

Everyone went swimming a second time yesterday, in the evening, but Chris got called back into work to help my he missed it that time too. Often, after work, he works hard around the homestead and is usually just too tuckered out by the end of the day to even get a small swim in. As I type, he and the boys are out working more on the clubhouse! The walls are all up and the makings of a door are happening! :) I will be sure to update with photos in another post next week, if I can! I hope you can stand the suspense for a little while!

It's pretty warm maybe, just maybe, I can convince Chris to go ahead and take the time to jump in the pool...I know he will really enjoy it! I hope you are able to get some swimming in during these hot summer months!

Thanks for visiting me here today! Although I feel as if I could keep there are always many things on my heart to share, I regret to say that I must go. Actually, I don't really regret it...because the *reason* I must end this post is so *I* can go out and see the exciting progress on the clubhouse! ;)

**Some of Chris's family went down the road in a horse-drawn carriage just now! I always love seeing that. Sometimes they will stop and let the children climb on for a ride!**

Ok...I'm really going now. ;)
Until next time, Lord willing...

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. Katy~ What a pretty pool, love the color blue that it is. How nice of your neighbors, people here in CA don't do things like that we all have very tall fences to keep people out!! Happy to hear the clubhouse is nearing the finish line. Can't wait for the pictures. Have a great weekend. Blessings,Joann

  2. I'm always so thrilled when you have new posts!... How wonderful that you have a nearby pool to visit often!! We went to the city pool a few weeks ago and after all of the skimpy swimsuits (bikinis)...we won't be going back!! We have a nearby neighbor with a pool and she'll call from time to time to see if the kids want to come down...they love that!!

    Have a blessed weekend and Sunday!!

  3. Dear Katy, I always love your posts.
    What wonderful neighbors you have! Truly giving people.
    I am overweight, but I do go in swimming. I have a modest swim dress and t-shirt outfit I feel comfortable in. It is such good exercise to just walk in the pool. Good for my old, creaky joints.
    Keep spreading your sunshine , dear Katy!

  4. you are blessed with great neighbors!

  5. Thank you for taking time to post. I enjoy reading about your busy days and most precious children. I've been taking my Grandboys to the city pool this year. In the past we had a backyard pool, but the bigger pool allows them to develop stronger swimming skills. I take my crocheting with me and am occasionally able to add a few rows. Peace be with you!

  6. I just loved the picture of the woods with the light filtering through and the clothesline filled with fresh, fragrant clothes for your family! Beautiful! Your posts fill me with a sense of peace


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