Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April *Snow* Showers?

It is the end of April and here in Western PA it's snowing. We are getting inches of snow! The only encouraging thing about this is that it will all be melting soon! I am ready to continue enjoying *real* spring weather!

We (the children and I) ran some errands for my mom, yesterday, as she was not feeling 100%. Madelyn stayed with her to keep her company all day while my dad was at work. The boys and I came home to work on school and housework. I also worked on some knitting and crocheting and made some whole-wheat bread...

I recently got an order from Mrs. Meyer's and Jaxson was excited to use the box to decorate and let his imagination soar! Honestly, I couldn't believe how well he *fit* into the box! It really wasn't a large box at all!

I finished the baby sweater I was knitting. All that is left to do is sew on three buttons! I am working on a hat to match it...

A closer look at the leaves along the top (this is the back)...

My crocheting is still a bit more simple than my knitting....although I am working at learning more with it. I started *and* finished a dish cloth yesterday...simple, but usable! :)

This gorgeous dish cloth (below) was a gift from my friend, Kelly. She is a very talented crocheter. She is attempting to help me (through the snail mail and also online) to learn some new crochet stitches!

Supper, last night, was chicken a la king on toast! Such a tasty, yet inexpensive meal! I made mashed potatoes and green beans to go along with it. What did you have for supper?

After supper was over and cleaned up, I lit some candles around the house and enjoyed the evening with my family. Then it was off to bed...to read, pray and fall fast asleep!

**If any of you were my friend on Facebook, if you haven't already noticed, I deactivated my account. I didn't delete anyone or anything...I just decided that it was such a time waster. I like keeping in contact with others...but I don't need to know *everything* about *everyone*. I felt convicted (about the time I could/did waste on it) and decided it was time to get off of it. I tried to leave a post explaining my point of view but when I deactivated, I think it disappeared (according to my sister). So I apologize if I seemed to have just disappeared...I just truly think it is for the best. :) Please feel free to email me or comment here, any time! I *am* thankful for your friendships!

I hope you all enjoy your Tuesday. Thanks, so much, for visiting!

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. Hi Katy, I follow your blog all the time and love your way of living as well as your way of life. Your knitting and crocheting is awesome, I only crochet, but don't do anything fancy, I do tole paint, stitch, cross stitch, needlefelt, sew some, and do a little bit of rug hooking, I love different primitive/country craft styles, I have a shop here at my home that I sell my goods. I did take a knitting class when I lived in NC but didn't stick to it, I find crocheting faster :). As for facebook I am not a fan either, too much drama, I look at pinterest at times, but this is it. I am not into all that chit chat about what goes on in each other lives, drama etc. I am a blogger though, and hope you keep up with yours, enjoy it every morning with a cup of coffee, along with about 20 others :) Have a great day!
    Rhonda Backroad Treasures in NE Ohio

  2. HiKaty, we are from Louisiana but my husband works in PA. He got back up there on Thursday and couldn't believe the weather change from 2 weeks ago! He works 14/14. He doesn't like the cold too well so he's not happy about the snow lol. I also deleted my facebook almost 2 years ago. I was convicted because of all the negative thoughts that I was allowing to enter my mind from there. I would see someone's post and get mad or think bad of them. I didn't want to feel that way about people. Thats when I discovered blogging! I am so happy I did. It's very rare when you come across negative talk or behavior on here. I am friends with only like minded people and not with everyone I grew up with just because I feel obligated! There are very few people from my small town who even blog. It's so nice! Sorry for the long comment, just wanted to share! Hope you have a wonderful day!!
    Mrs. Tucker

  3. I'll lay it out here on my opinion on facebook...

    It's way overated. so I commend you for letting it go my friend.
    A time waster. yes!

    Oh I suppose blogging could be too, but as far as I can say..My blog and the network of ladies that make it up...it's a good thing in my life. I've been tempted to facebook, tweet, twitter and even pinterest, but my husband says no and I'm thankful for this.

    Happy you shared this.

    And that snow!!! My gracious.
    Love the sweater.

  4. This past week was so busy for me I didn't notice that you had disappeared from FB! I'll miss you there - you posted such great links etc....I always find it interesting that on FB or blogs people feel free to argue or get nasty if they don't agree with your opinion on your own page or blog! It's okay to not agree, but you are entitled to your own view!

    Glad you're still blogging!

  5. I always enjoy coming to your blog... it is a blessing. You write wonderful post. I still have facebook but never sign in anymore. I feel like it is a waste of time and I have better things to do with my family. I love the sweater you did. My 2 week old granddaughter will need one of those...:) I did knit, crochet and painted years back. Now I sew mostly. For supper we had homemade sloppy joes and tater tots. Nothing fancy but good. I hope the snow has melted by now!!

  6. Hi Katy...I just love the sweater. Some little baby will be adorable in it! The leaves make it so intersting and cute. Your knitted pieces are fabulous.

    No facebook for me....even my daughter and daughter-in- law do not do facebook. They say it takes time and would rather spend that time with their families. Not something we are interested in, I guess.


  7. Nice to meet you Katy!
    I've found you via Julia's Blissfully content!
    We're experiencing the very same weather here in Italy too...I'm looking forward to be able to go into my kitchen garden.


  8. Hope your keeping warm Katy! Wow it is suppose to get to 90 here in Tx! I always enjoy your post. It is a joy to read of how you live life. We share a sisterly common bond through a heart for Christ, our husband, our children and home. I made the buttermilk bread yesterday. Smile, Angelia

  9. I'm excited that you have that sink... and its not even mine! HAHA! Though I'd love to have one like it! I like seeing the pic!

    The sweater is AWESOME!!! Now you just need to make a BIGGER one for Eloise in the fall! HEHE

    It doesn't look like Jax should fit in the box! Weird!

  10. I agree that Facebook can be time consuming and that people often get rather rude on it. Some of the photos that I have seen are just short of porn! I don't post on it, but do look at it occasionally to see photos of relatives kids, etc.
    Love your blog and the music you choose. It is so refreshing and uplifting.
    That sweater is adorable. Your niece is one lucky little girl!

  11. Hi katy , oh that cute little baby sweater is just darling it reminds me as if a sweet littke gumnut baby should wear it!!
    As for face book i so with you there its such a time waster , and its time i think we would all enjoy spending with our loved ones and in the lords word!!


  12. Hello katy here is Sandra from France, I agree with you. Facebook consuming a lot of my time!!!!!! I don't have the courage to delete my account!!!! Be blessed my dear friend.

  13. Katie, the leaf baby sweater turned out so sweet! I now have the pattern. I need to purchase some yarn and get started on it. Did you ever run into any problems with the pattern? I was reading comments online by some ladies who gave up on it because they felt the pattern had mistakes. Perhaps they were not experienced knitters and were just misinterpreting some steps along the way. I know I've done that myself. God bless you today! ~Kelly in MN

  14. Ahh I noticed you were not of Facebook. :) Glad to see you are still blogging.


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