Monday, April 30, 2012

A Weekend in Amish Country ~ Part 1

Early Saturday morning, Chris and I left the children with their grandparents. We then headed off to Ohio for a weekend stay in Amish country. It was a three hour trip (thankfully, not *too* long).

We have Amish who live in our it wasn't anything *new* to me but it was a chance to "get away" (although Saturday evening I was terribly homesick and missed the children immensely!).

I love clothes out on the line....especially the look of simple Amish clothing blowing in the breeze...

We stayed at the Hasseman House B & B (a gift from my parents for Christmas 2011). It was lovely...old-fashioned and simple. The innkeeper and his wife are both Christians with gentle and heart-warming charm. They homeschool their children too! Chris and I definitely plan on taking our children with us the next time we go. :)

Isn't it a beautiful place?

We stayed in the Boys' Room (of course, it was all much neater in there before we brought our things in!)...

The private bath connected to our room...

Sunday, basically nothing is open (although Chris and I *did* go to a wonderful museum that was open and also an ice cream shop!). We took a walk around the pond out back....

As we were coming around it, the chickens on the hill saw us (there are 600 of them) and started running toward the end of the fence closest to us...

See them all there, congregating near the fence? I think, like our chickens, they associate *people* with *food-bringers*. Lucky for them, an Amish man on a golf cart soon came driving over to feed them their vittles...

Back inside, here was the view from our bedroom windows...

While driving around...we saw some beautiful sites...

We ended up having a really nice time, despite my sadness and tears that first night. There are more things to show and to share about...but I'll save that for my next post! :o) I hope you'll come back and see more from our trip.

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. Sounds refreshing! We are planning a little trip to Amish country the end of May. (to Northern Indiana which is just a few hours from us) I can't wait! I love how almost everything was closed on Sunday... sigh... how I wish as a society we all slowed down more, especially on Sunday.

  2. We used to go to Pennsylvania when we lived in the D.C. area. Such beautiful Amish country there! Your trip looks quite peaceful.

  3. Great pictures. Glad you and your hubby got alone time.

  4. It was great having you stay with us and we were encouraged by the Christian fellowship and shared values. Hope to see you again soon! God bless,

    Jason & Jenny Fawks - Innkeepers Hasseman House B&B

  5. Sounds wonderful...thank you for sharing!!

  6. oh thank you for the beautiful pictures ... I love

    bisous de france


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