Sunday, August 10, 2014

Giving & Receiving

For Madelyn's birthday, instead of gifts she asked for her friends and family to consider giving to a local organization who helps abused children. You can read about that HERE. She made her mama and daddy proud, I must admit, as we did *not* suggest this to her! She came to *us* with this idea!

 Above, you can see her with Mrs. Pat as she hands her the money that was donated as well as all the items for the organization! A lady from our local paper came to photograph it and write up an article!

Below is a picture of Mrs. Pat giving a Madelyn a t-shirt in *thanks* for her donations...

My boys were given a treat as well. The sweet lady from the paper has a brother-in-law who makes these handmade cars and gives them to all kinds of charities. They gave a couple to my boys to paint up and enjoy! My boys were so excited!

After doing some all-over painting at their pop-pop's garage, the boys finished up their cars by lettering and adding details here at home...

Last evening, Chris took the children and me to a local cruise-in we like for supper! We don't eat out often...but since the children and I helped with the meat chickens, this was Chris's way of thanking us! We all enjoyed our food! We know the owner of this restaurant (she and I spin together at the Y). She was there and treated us just wonderfully! Smiles were abounding...

I love my husband! He makes me giggle!

I got a healthy strawberry smoothie as my dessert. It was delicious!

I wanted to be sure to blog these things so they are here and will be remembered! I need to have more of my blog books published but it can be so costly! It's so nice, though, to have them in book form! It's like a scrapbook that I document throughout the year! I truly treasure these memories! Thank you for sharing in them with me!

With a thankful heart,



  1. What a truly wonderful family you have. What a happy life you all lead! Even your husband adds sparkle to the family....just like mine...always kidding around. I wish you all the best for the coming fall.


  2. You must be so proud of Madelyn's selfless decision ~ what an inspiration to us all! :-) Belated birthday wishes to her! Many blessings to your sweet family.


  3. I just got caught up with you here Katy. Happy (belated) birthday to your two recent birthday children...what fun! I agree...blogging is like scrapbooking and is a wonderful way to keep memories from getting lost. My husband gives me a blog book each year as a Christmas gift...I try to wait for the 20% off sale, and then I place my order. I was looking through some of your older posts about your weight loss journey. Great job! You are lovely and your smile is welcoming and sweet. Many Hugs, Camille


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