Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Simple Beauty

My aunt and uncle were taking a road trip to their daughter's house for two weeks. They asked if the children and I would take care of their goats and chickens, get the mail and such while they were gone. I just love their home. It is incredibly sweet and if I had gotten their permission, I would have shared photos of the inside. It has character and is just so lovely! It's not extravagant or showy...it's simple and truly beautiful!

Her flowers outside were blooming and pretty!

While the children started to feed the animals, I went to collect the mail (as their mailbox is beside a blind curve and a busy road)...

The goat house (below)....isn't it just perfect? I seriously could have taken many, many beautiful photos around their property.

My Jaxson...helping feed the animals!

We were very excited that while my aunt and uncle were away, their chickens started laying for the first time! While they were gone, we collected over a dozen eggs for them! We washed them up and brought one of our egg cartons from home (since we have a lot to keep up with our chicken's egg production). I was so excited for them to come home to fresh eggs from their own chickens!

They even have a pool and gave us permission to swim...so while the children swam for a couple of hours, I mowed the front lawn. I wanted my aunt and uncle to be able to come home and just relax and be happy to see that things were neat and taken care of while they were away! :) When they got home, my aunt called me and asked if I had wanted a workout!? :) I had to admit that push mowing their front lawn was *quite* the chore....it doesn't seem too large at first...but after awhile, I realized I got in over my head! But I finished...I was quite determined. I couldn't leave it half mowed! How silly would that look!? :) The bottoms of my feet were terribly sore afterwards and I skipped spin class the next morning to rest them!

At home, the sun has been shining and temperatures have been comfy. I took a few photos around my home to share...just simple things.

Can you believe we are halfway through August already? 

For us, that means school, school, school and books, books, books! Schooling is going well so far this year...and I am grateful! 

Things have been busy around here lately...birthdays, tearing down and re-building our rock wall (my mom is the master builder...I am just a helper...I'll get photos to share soon!), a reunion, baptism service, mowing, schooling, cleaning, and spin classes! It's a good sort of busy though so I am not complaining! :)

Amid it all, the Lord is working on me with *so* many things. Sanctification is quite the process, isn't it? His Word and the wisdom of theologians of the past as well as good, godly friends are such blessings to me. He is ever teaching me and although it's not easy to struggle through things sometimes, in the end, it is so worth it. To know He is ever with me ~ growing me and changing me for His glory and my good ~ what could be better?

My husband is a constant source of strength, wisdom and encouragement for me. He also admonishes me in love when I need it. I am so thankful for his leadership and companionship. When we were first married, almost 14 years ago, I was unsure, nervous and jittery. What was I doing? Was this the right thing? Was Chris the man I needed and who needed me? How the Lord has shown me over the years that He has had this all planned out and knew *exactly* (from before we were born) what we needed. To watch my husband grow in the Lord...as he constantly leads our family in a righteous way (and as he is daily in God's Word) is an amazing blessing to me! Seeing the Lord work in our lives encourages us to live more holy, Christ-like lives. We are so terribly far from where we want to be in our sanctification...but each day, God moves us one step closer in the right direction. May He be glorified!

Today's post has been a bit lengthy...lots of photos and words to chew on. If you have followed along until now, thank you! I appreciate the time you take to come and visit for a bit. It is my prayer you find my blog to be a peaceful, God-honoring place to just sit and rest for a moment.

Oh, I wanted to let you know (in case you are interested) I added a few more books that I have read onto my BOOKS page (found in the right column towards the top). To me, it is fun and interesting to know what others are reading and it also gives me ideas of what I may want to look into reading. Maybe you feel the same? If so, check out the page! I will tell you though that I read mostly non-fiction books. Most are theology. So, if you are looking for non-fiction recommendations, I don't have many! Also, the list I have made of what I have read is not finished. There are so many books I have read over the past years and I often forget to list them. When I remember one that I would recommend, I add it to the list! I hope you will check it out!

May your week be God-glorifying and may you find your ultimate satisfaction in *that*!

In love and kindness,


  1. Your aunts house grounds are lovely! I push mow our lawn and I love the workout it gives *who needs a gym membership?* Thank you for sharing sweet photos of home :) Have a wonderful week~~

  2. Such amazing photos!! I really do love that goat house.

  3. Thankful for Christ's work in my life! It's ongoing and good.

    Have a great day Katy!


  4. Great pictures! Your aunt's home is lovely. BUT>>>>>I SAW YOU! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND SO FIT. You have worked hard and look gorgeous!!!!!

    1. *blushing* Thank you Susannah! You are so thoughtful! All credit must be given to God though....as *all* good in me is from Him! :)

  5. So wonderful to *see* a little into your lives, Katy! What a sweet place your aunt and uncle have...what a blessing you were to them!! Ah...yes...lawn-mowing can be quite the workout. I only know because I see my men doing it...not from first-hand experience. I know...I am spoiled! Hugs to you! Camille

  6. Katy, I have been a reader of your blog for a while... I love the music you play and what an inspiration to see a family like yours living the Simple life.. Inspiring to see/read about how your life is all for God... I am a Ky girl, married for over 20 years and have a son married and a 16 year old daughter still at home... life is good...I just wanted to say hello, and let you know what a blessing it is to come to your blog and how blessed I feel after reading about your days... the book I am reading right now is The most important place on earth by Robert Wogelmuth... such a good read about the Christian Home... I have learned so much with this book... I wish I would have had it sooner in my life... a must read... and most of all I am a Christian wife, mama and woman... Have a wonderful thursday... Bless you...

    1. Hello Connie! :)

      It's lovely to meet you! :) Thanks so much for coming by to read and share in my life! Thank you for sharing the book you are reading! I looked it up and have it saved in my amazon wish list!! :)



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