Friday, August 8, 2014

Preparing for Winter

When Chris got home from work last evening, we set to work on getting the woodshed filled for this upcoming winter. With this not-too-sweltering of a summer (remember those lovely temperatures I mentioned yesterday?), I am wondering if this winter is going to end up being bitterly cold? I pray we will get the woodshed (plus some) filled before winter sets in this year! 

The pretty-bare woodshed...

Ruthie...always close to me...

Chris splits, I stack! We make a good team! (The children usually help too...but they were helping my parents with their horse fences at the time)...

Pearl was there...eating up my over-grown raised beds...

Cash was there too...just laying around...

Starting to fill up...

We still have a ways to go to be prepared for winter...but we'll keep working on it! Physical labor is the best sort of work...exercising while accomplishing something! Such a great feeling! Not long after we stopped for the evening, my mom brought the children home. Before heading to bed for the night, we watched a Tim Hawkins movie (I have only just recently found out how funny he is! I have heard of him for quite some time but had never watched him before!).

Today, I woke early and headed to spin class. Now I am showered and helping the children with their schoolwork...which they are almost finished with. Jaxson is practicing his guitar as I type. I have another load of clothes to hang out on the I best get moving.

I am continuing to keep the persecuted Christians around the world...are you?

How are you preparing for winter?



  1. Morning to all of you! We also will need to start splitting wood also! We will need to get busy canning soon! We have had the wettest summer I can ever remember! Your dog Ruthie looks so sweet and is she your doggie, and you just share her? :o)
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. Wonderful to have all that lovely wood to burn through the cold winter months!! Such a blessing! Our boys have worked on chopping up wood for our fire, too....but, we don't rely on it for heat...just for fun. I love a crackling fire on the cosy! Hugs to you, Katy! Many Blessings, Camille

  3. I have been wondering what the winter will hold also. It has been a different summer with the cooler temps and frequent rain. My garden is just now starting to produce green beans. I am busy filling my pantry with home canned goodies and looking for meat sales to stock the freezer up. I like to be home as much as possible when it is cold and snow is falling.

  4. i came via the Farm acre Hop. nothing better than seeing a good wood stack ready for winter. here in Australia its winter and our stack is getting low, luckily winter is starting to wind down. i really like your clothesline :o)

  5. I'm feeling the need to begin preparing for winter, but I haven't begun yet.


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