Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Xavier is *Eleven*!

This boy is eleven! How the time flies by so very quickly! Above is a photo of him with my niece, Eloise. My sister and the girls came to town to visit yesterday and we all met at our parents' house! Eloise is three and it feels that not that long ago, Xavier was too!

Below are photos of X as a baby and then as a toddler! I just love my boy's cheeks!!

Jaxson and Madelyn played the "Happy Birthday" song for him on their instruments (while I sang in my not-so-lovely voice)...

He has really been wanting a snorkel...

We took schooling off while my sister is in town...so school still happened on X's special day. But that's okay...it was raining anyway!

Grammie took X to his banjo music lessons and then out for supper. :) Despite the rain, he has had a nice birthday! We'll have a small get-together with family this weekend as well to celebrate his life! :)

Thank you for celebrating with us! :)



  1. Happy 11th birthday to X!!! He is such a sweet boy. I hope he has a fun day full of surprises!
    God bless, Kathy in Illinois

  2. Oh My Time Does Fly...
    Happy Birthday to him! Looking forward to seeing them all getting married one day... Just Blink...
    xo Roxy

  3. Happy Birthday Xavier! What cute rosy cheeks!


  4. Happy Birthday X! (:
    What a nice young man he's becoming Katy and Chris. It's obvious he's all boy (with a great smile) (: --- I know you guys are so pleased with all three of them. Enjoy the celebration this weekend!



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