Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rebuilding the Rock Wall

You may remember seeing photos of my rock wall in different posts of the past. Because we didn't get dirt behind it in time...it heaved and was all uneven. My mom came over to help me begin rebuilding it. X and I tore it all down and mom and I began building it back up. These rocks are *very* heavy and it is hard, back-breaking work!

When finished, we will take that heaping hill of dirt (now weed-covered) and start filling it in against the rocks and work at flattening that area out so I can garden there next year! :)

The corner is finished...so I started putting dirt there!

I took these pictures a week or so ago...so we have gotten further on it than shown here. I'll be sure to share pictures when it is finished. I am hoping it looks nice!! **I also have two different kinds of vines growing on my arbor....I am *really* hoping they take off and cover it over the next year or two...wouldn't that look so pretty?

In other news....our washing machine finally died after 14 good years of service for us. So, although we hated taking the money out of savings to do it, we bought another one. We got a nice, top loading high efficiency washer. The cost to run it with our gas hot water tank is only $10/year! It also uses much less electric than the other brands we were looking at. Our new washer won't be delivered until Thursday (oh dear!) so I may have to run out to my mom's or the local laundromat to do one or two loads tomorrow (since I have spin class tomorrow morning...my icky clothes *must* be washed!). Mom let me do a couple loads at her house yesterday...and while they washed, I mowed her lawn and my great-aunt's lawn. Then I brought the clothes home and hung them out on the line to dry.

Oh me, Oh my....I have to admit there is a little excitement for me to be getting this new washer. It does not have the agitator in the middle...which will be lovely for my poor knuckles! Hitting them on that thing (especially in the winter when my hands are dry, cracked and sore) was awful! Plus...just getting a new appliance is exciting. Oh, the things we love as adults, eh? Can't imagine being so happy about this if I were a teenager! How time changes us! :)

When Chris gets home from work, we are going to work at getting the old washer out of there....I can't wait to clean behind it. It gets so yucky and I can't ever reach back there to clean it. I am looking forward to giving it all a good scrubbin'! Hope your evening plans are just as fun! ;)



  1. That is hard back breaking work. it's gonna look so pretty
    Pamela in Ohio

  2. I love rock walls, yours is looking great! What a workout!

    We had to buy a new washer too. We got a top loader with no agitator. We love it! It's huge and fits so much laundry that I do it less often now. My only complaint is that it's hard for my short self to reach the bottom, it's that deep! I load it like there is an agitator in the center and it works great.

    Happy belated birthday!


  3. sure the wall will be wonderful!
    the best way to move rocks is to roll them, not lift them.
    I had to move many this past spring, some bigger than a wheel barrow,
    filling in the new sewer line through the back yard.
    all by hand.

    it is very heavy hard work..

    enjoy your new washer, they are such a necessary helper! :)

  4. My next washer will be the top load type, again. My husband talked me into a front loader a few years ago - I HATE it. You can't fit as many clothes in for a load and it takes forever to wash a load - the timer may say 1 minute left, but you can bet it will take at least 10 minutes - I hate that machine! The wall looks lovely.



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