Thursday, August 7, 2014

"O for a summer noon,....

...when light and breeze
Sport on the grass, like ripples o'er the lake
Alive with freshness! when the full round Sun,
With the Creator's smile upon his face, 
Walks like a prince of glory through the path 
Of Heaven! -- Thou vast, and ever-glorious sky,
Mantling the earth with thy majestic robe..."
~ Robert Montgomery, "Beautiful Influences"

Doing a *little* laundry ;) ...

Jaxson playing cars with a cousin...followed by playing with some Legos...(You can see how we organize our Legos HERE)...

Our days have been busy with homeschooling in the morning, chores, housework, instrument practicing and the like. Thankfully, we are having a wonderfully-comfortable summer (temperature wise). It's warm but not stifling hot. We have not even used our air conditioner this year! The temps have not been so terribly unbearable! It's warm enough that I still get a good workout push-mowing the lawn though! :)

Today, the sun is shining. The children and I did a day of school this morning and accomplished chores and things that needed done around the house. My mom needed their help with her horse fencing and they were happy to go with they went to do that at lunchtime while I began mowing our lawn. I have the front lawn done and half of the backyard. I may go out and try to finish the backyard in a bit. This evening, I think we are going to try splitting and stacking wood to fill the woodshed for this upcoming winter.

My boys, playing games last evening...

Madelyn, cooking...

Yesterday, Madelyn and I met my sister and her girls in a town that is halfway between our homes. Mad had really wanted to go to JoAnn's so we went there and also went with my sister to Ross so we could look around and also help her watch her girls while she tried some maternity clothes on. It was a lot of fun...the girls were super cute! Dinah would call out to me "TiTi, TiTi!" and when I would turn to look at her, she flashed me the "cheese" face! It always made me laugh!

Anyway, while we were at JoAnn's, I found these great mason jar items. I got Ball Regular Mouth Mason Sip and Straw Lids for $7.99. They are more expensive at that amazon link (but if you order using that link, I benefit from it!) but I wanted to show you what I found! It's a set of four! I also got a soap pump topper for mason jars for *I think* $3.99 (it may have been $4.99). I don't have a link for that because I couldn't find it. But if you are at JoAnn's...definitely keep a lookout for that section! They had cute little wooden tags you could tie on them and all kinds of fun things to use with your mason jars (which you can see how much I use HERE)...

I just love this soap can trim the long tube if you want to use it in a pint jar...but I thought it would be neat to use on this old, blue quart jar that I have! I love how it looks and I won't have to add more soap as often! Yay! Time-saver! The soap I used in this is also blue the blue soap in the blue jar just ends up looking so pretty!

And here is a picture of my favorite place once night sets in...

After a long day, it is so lovely to snuggle down into my sheets and spend time in God's Word, in prayer and also planning the next days tasks in my planner. Can you tell by looking at the picture which side I sleep on?? (**Hint, hint: I am always known to have lots of books on my nightstand!) To be honest, I like the nightstands to be clean and orderly...but I am always just reading so many different theology books that I always have a stack or two crowding my table. ;)

As much as I enjoy blogging...I need to wrap this post up. There is more mowing to do and other tasks I need to accomplish around this household before my husband comes home. :) Thanks for visiting with me today! I hope you are enjoying your week.

Also...I have been praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are under extreme persecution in Iraq and other places in the world. Please remember, as you go about your daily tasks, to lift them up...consistently! May we honor Christ by being extra voices crying out to Him for His children!




  1. I have been hearing the news stories from Iraq and other places and it is just heart breaking! :(

    Going to Jo Ann is on my list of things to do as I need some thread to match a skirt I am hemming. I enjoy browsing there. Are you on their mailing list?. They send out a coupon card every couple of months.

    Mowing and laundry are on my to do list tomorrow. Have a great evening!

  2. The quilt on your bed is so gorgeous! As I read through this post my son was at my side looking at all the photos as he likes to do when I'm on your site. He said, "I wish they were our neighbors. I would like to play with her kids. They look like nice people." Isn't that sweet, Katy? (I wish we were neighbors too.) ~Kelly from MN


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