Monday, August 18, 2014

X ~ Birthday Memories

Although Xavier's birthday was earlier in the week, we celebrated this weekend with a super-small party with family...

I made his cake and decorated with some cookies and a front-loader (or so X tells me it is...I didn't know its official name!)...

Although it was simple, he loved it! Because it is so windy at the pavilion, my mom had the idea to put the cake in this tub so that the candles would stay lit and X could blow them out...

It's becoming a tradition between this boy and his older sister...for the past 2 years, these two have smashed cake in each other's face on their birthday! Oh dear! ;)

Opening up some fun gifts from loved ones...

Just for fun, I found this pin the tail on the donkey game for 75 cents! All the kids had fun taking a turn (X isn't really that good...we found out afterwards that he was peeking! Such a stinker!)....

X, Jaxson and one of their cousins all spent the night in a camper at the pavilion. Chris slept out in a hammock (like he did when Madelyn had a camp out for her birthday). I think they had a lot of fun...

I'm so thankful for these memories and for my boy...11 years with him. Couldn't imagine my life without him....such a sweet boy he is (with a humongous heart)! :) I praise God for his life! As I walk (and trip) along this path of motherhood, I often try to fathom how the Lord, in His goodness, could entrust me with such beautiful souls. To know He trusts me to raise them is such an honor! What a worthy calling!

Thank you for celebrating Xavier's 11 years with me! This is my 8th year of if you have been following along for any length of time, you have watched my boy grow too! It's amazing how so much changes over the years, isn't it? And yet...because it happens day by day...the changes are so subtle that when you stop, take a breath and look back, it shocks you! Then you realize that you blink and time flashes by in an instant. It's terribly hard to grasp!

I hope your day is lovely. Ours should be filled with some hard work....
Until next time, Lord willing,


  1. It is hard to believe he is eleven! When I started reading your blog he wasn't even in school. :) Mine time does go by quickly!

  2. I know what you mean, one day you are talking to an adult and you can't imagine how it happened.
    I enjoy your blog and it helps me get my days going

  3. Happy birthday (belated) Xavier!! :)


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