Thursday, August 14, 2014

Simple Times at Home

A little piano playing...

A busy kitchen (don't worry...all those pots in the one side of the sink are *clean* and just waiting to be put away. Despite having a dishwasher, I still find myself washing many dishes!)...

R2D2 drawing by Jaxson...

Ruthie, doing what she does best ;) ...

A little scooter-riding...

...and reading...

...and warrior training...

One reason we choose not to have our children involved in too many outside-the-home activities is so we can enjoy moments like these. Our days and evenings are filled with simple learning, play, work (such as stacking wood for winter) and the like. I do not sit in judgment of your family if you choose to live differently than we do. I just know that so many children (and parents) are so busy running from activity to activity that they aren't enjoying home, family, family suppers, and the simple pleasures of being children. **Of course, there are positives to go along with some activities...such as teamwork with sports, responsibility, comradery and more.** So, that is a decision that each family needs to make. My hope is for families to at least have a balance. :)

Thanks, so much, for stopping by! I hope your Thursday is enjoyable and filled with God-glorifying activities, thoughts and words! :)



  1. I so agree with you, Katy. Balance is the key. My heartaches for those families who are so busy running their kids here and there, and the kids who are worn out from all the activity.

  2. I think kids should have some activities with their peers but you are VERY correct that some have way to much on their plates.

    Let kids be kids - don't force what you wanted from your childhood on them. Let them experience the joys of childhood lived long long ago.


  3. A lovely post Katy!
    Your children have grown quite a bit this year.
    Thank you for sharing.
    The music lessons seem to be going well!


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