Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Freezing & Canning Corn

Although the corn in our garden isn't quite ready yet, some gardens are just bursting with corn that's just crying out to be canned! My mom, mother-in-love and I each bought some, locally, to freeze and can. 

While Madelyn helped my mom with *her* corn canning this past weekend...my boys helped me with mine (although Madelyn was greatly missed. She really is a great helper!)...

My boys were great helpers too! They were cheerful and wonderful company! It was quite hot and sticky out...but we had a nice time of it!

We shucked bushels of corn...

I think Ruthie would have helped if she had hands...but since she doesn't (and thus couldn't), she relaxed in the shade (it's a rough life!)...

After getting all the husks off, the boys retreated to play while I blanched ears of corn and then cut them clear of all the corn kernels. Then I measured three cups per bag and put them in the freezer. I got six  freezer bags from the first bushel we shucked...

From the second bushel, I got enough corn to can 7 quarts (a full canner load)!

I hope to do a lot more canning once the corn from our garden is ready!

There is nothing better, in the middle of the winter, than having fresh sweet corn (or anything from the garden) for a meal! I am really looking forward to it (although I'm in no rush for the winter months...I plan on savoring the end of August and the lovely autumn months ahead as much as possible!).

Have you been canning (or freezing)? I'd love to hear about it!
Thank-you for coming by today!



  1. Hi Katy! Our green beans are ready, so I canned 31 quarts with our first picking and then again 18 more last evening. We have 5 more rows beginning to bloom, so I will can those later on this month.

    I love canning and knowing that I'm helping to supply my family with good food in the winter months. It's so nice to know that a hearty meal can be provided with not much spending to get it.

    Have a great Tuesday!

    Nicki in WV

  2. I've been freezing a little here and there. I have put up several bags of tomatoes and can't wait to use them when it turns cool....soup, chili, spaghetti sauce...yum!

  3. Beautiful corn! I was able to get one picking from my green beans. Other then that there isn't much here this year. No farmers markets and no sweet corn anywhere. :( The drought has been super hard on us this year.

    Canning is hard work, but you are right the enjoyment on a cold, winter evening is wonderful!

    Enjoy your evening!

  4. Hi Katy, I have been freezing and did some canning, I prefer to freeze corn my family likes it better, I did 5 dozen, got 21 quart size bags done, (1/2 full) I think I put about 3 cups in as well. I have froze green beans, canned peaches that we got in Amish country (oh so good), froze zucchinni, made lots and lots of pickles, freezer, canned and refrigerator. I am now getting ready to go pick more green beans, and then elderberries this afternoon for jelly. :) I love the rewards of our garden, by the end of the week I will be making spaghetti sauce, tomatoes are coming on. Have a wonderful blessed day, congrats on the weight loss can't wait to see pictures.
    Prim Blessings

  5. Hi, Katy! I have a big garden and either can, freeze, store, or give away what we don't eat fresh. I freeze strawberries, peas, corn, green beans, cabbage, and green peppers. I can my tomatoes. I store carrots, onions and potatoes. Do you like canned or frozen corn best? I read your blog every day and enjoy it. You are such a nice person and have a lovely christian family.
    God bless, Kathy in Illinois

  6. My latest canning endeavor is 55 jars of tomato sauce and am canning new potatoes now.

  7. I am a beginner at canning. In fact I have some pickling cucumbers needing attention. Do you happen to have a recipe for making pickles?
    The corn looks delicious!!

  8. I love to can, and always think of and thank my hard working mother for teaching me. Yesterday, I canned pickled beets and plum jam. I can't wait for peaches to be ready. Here on the west coast, w are a little behind in getting summer weather, but it is coming.

  9. We have been canning grape jam (we have so many grapes this year..I guess the drought and hot temps are good for them!!) and we've been able to can several quarts of peaches!! :). I'm still planning on doing salsa and spaghetti sauce but I'm running out of time with school starting back up :)

  10. Since opening my on shop I haven't even gotten to plant a garden nor do any canning:( the corn looks so yummy.

  11. Yesterday we did 6 quarts of beans and 5 jars of blackberry jelly. Today we picked 2 rows of corn and canned 16 pints with enough left to do about 5 or 6 pints of pickled corn. More corn tomorrow and I'm freezing my tomatoes for a couple of weeks until I'm ready to can them. I'm looking forward to having this to feed my family this winter!

  12. ^ OurLittleAcres....do you mind sharing your blackberry jelly recipe?? I have several bags of blackberries in the freezer that I want to do something with (other than cobblers)...the jam I have made had too many seeds and there were soooo many, I couldn't de-seed them.

  13. 12 jars of tomatoes done for me. your corn looks great!

  14. I was commenting on one of the Back to School Giveaway Hop blogs when your Freezing & Canning post caught my eye. I grew up on my grandparent's farm and my mom used to freeze corn every year. We would get about 20 dozen ears of corn from my grandparents or my aunt's farm to freeze. The kids would husk it and then help mom put it in plastic freezer containers after mom had blanched and cut it with this special tool she had. It tasted so good all year.

    I am glad I found your blog as I am a Christian also. I am the primary caregiver for my mom who has Alzheimer's and also teach part time at a Christian homeschooling tutorial.

  15. The only thing I've done so far this year is strawberry freezer jelly. I'm waiting on enough cucumbers for pickles!



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