Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Walking and Grape Jelly!

No, don't worry...I didn't walk ON grape jelly! LOL Tonight, I went and walked with my friend, Heather, again. I think we did around 3 miles or so around the track at the high school. The balls of my feet really hurt! LOL (i'm a baby..what can i say?) But it feels great to be doing that though..and have really good conversation! :)
Now, while i am doing that...chris and the kids go to his mom's house...and the kids play while my MIL and chris pick grapes off of her grapevine! Then she makes them into juice and she gave me a couple tomorrow, I will be attempting my first ever batch of homemade grape jelly!!!! AACK! i am excited...i hope it goes well and i don't mess it up! This is a year of firsts for me! I started canning this year and canned yellow beans, green beans, and peaches. We froze a lot of sweet corn (although, i have done that every year)...and now i am trying to make jelly! I will be sure to let you know how it goes! *fingers crossed*

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  1. I love your blog! We're Christians too :) Off to read your blog!

  2. HI katy! So glad to meet you...enjoyed your blog. Good luck on canning your jelly. Homemade is the best. Thanks for stopping by my blog. cherry

  3. Thanks girls! I appreciate you coming by!!! :)

  4. you can send some homemade jelly over this way lol i love jelly


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