Friday, October 26, 2007

From the Word Friday!

"Be devoted to one another in brothery love. Honor one another above yourselves." ~ Romans 12:10

How can you be an encourager to people? How can you make people feel loved and accepted all while showing Jesus through you? By showing them that you care and you put their needs above your own. Sending a random card, praying with someone, calling them to let them know you are thinking about them, helping them do a project and expect nothing in return. These are just a few of the ways you can encourage others and build them up. Jesus showed the ultimate love for us by dieing on the cross because of OUR sins! We are called to be like Him and reflect that love onto others. You never know how a kind word or simple sweetness towards someone can improve their day or even their life!
Sometimes it is hard to do this with people we dislike. But no matter what...we are to love everyone and honor them. Sometimes I have a hard time with this. But I believe praying for strength and really aiming to please Jesus in my life will make this easier for me to do over time! I encourage anyone who reads this to go out of your way to do something for someone this week....even just drop a note in the mail! It just may lead someone to Jesus!!!

OH....and if YOU would like to participate in From the Word Friday....please add your link to the bottom of this post with the link right to that post! I would love to hear your thoughts and views on scripture!!! :)

Have a blessed Friday! xoxo

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  1. Hi Katy,
    "What a wonderful post..i am so touched and encouraged by your love for the lord! What is word we share a word from the bible??
    "Have a lovely weekend!!"

  2. Hi Katy - What a lovely post. Thank you for stopping by.

    I wanted to answer your question. You could probably fry the chicken instead of placing it under the broiler. I've never done that but it can't be any different than frying bacon. If you try it that way, let me know if it works out.


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