Thursday, October 25, 2007

Getting Ready For Christmas!!!

OK....soo, I was reading Monica's blog and she reminded us it is time to start planning/organizing for Christmas! So true! She provided this website to help us get organized. Since I already have a home planner...i am dedicating a section of it to Christmas. I printed out this master gift list to keep me organized. I already bought my Christmas cards. I found them at Ollie's at a FANTASTIC price! I got different tins of them and they have different prints on them of Mary Engelbreit designs (of course...LOL). They are really cute. So that is one thing i have taken care of. In the cards, I will send them a letter to update people on our family. I usually decorate each card and envelope a bit personalize it. But I can't stand when I go to a holiday get -together..and people hand me a christmas card (or send them) and all they have done is signed their name at the bottom....where is the love and spirit in that? Why do people waste the money?

I already started making gifts for people and preparing in that way! :) As well as started my gift ideas list etc. I want Christmas to be as organized as possible because #1 i love organization...and #2 so we can enjoy the real meaning of the holidays without being worried or stressed about the "stuff" that goes along with it all! We need to remember why there even IS a Christmas...and that is the birth of Christ. That's why I am printing out this sheet to put in my binder as well. It helps keep your holiday priorities in order!
That is a big reason why I love to be makes things easier in the long run. It makes less stress and chaos and lets you enjoy the moments at hand because you are prepared! I also try to do as many homemade items as I can....they are so special and important, in my opinion!

If you are starting to prepare for Christmas...i would love to hear all about it...whether in the comments here or leave me a link to your blog and i will come visit!

Here is a link to being frugal and keeping costs lower at Christmas! And I encourage you NOT to use the plastic at Christmas. Plastic = credit cards. My hubby and I have never had a credit card and don't intend on getting one either. The only way to stay out of credit card debt is to not get a credit card! We don't have a ton of money either....we just learn to be super careful and not go crazy with gift giving. Sure, big gift opening fests can be fun....but not at the expense of your sanity. Don't buy stuff you can't afford. It just makes you and your spouse stressed! Here is a link to Financial Peace University. We are taking this class at our church...and it is fantastic! This guy makes total sense! It is such a blessing! If you are reading this now, God brought you here for a reason...check it out! :)

I am so excited for this Christmas season! I plan on making it the best one yet cuz I hope to be fully prepared! xoxo have a great day!!!

ALSO...HERE is a link to some other great printable forms...i will be using some of them as well!

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  1. I am already getting out the address book and dusting it off to start preparing for Christmas cards. Is it really this time of year already?!?

  2. I am working on getting organized for the holidays. I think I found the Christmas cards I want this year. I have also been working on making some gifts.

    I found your blog through Monica, and will be visiting often!


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